Bonus chapter came out to celebrate the release of the forthcoming movie in CGI Legend of Sanctuary, these eight pages anticipate the next round of the chapters of the Next Dimension expected by the end of summer

Bonus Chapter


The oath of the Goddess

Still thirteenth house, Saori, accompanied by Shijima, think of the many times when the five protagonists saved her life. As at the time of the abduction of the Raven Damian, Seiya when he fell off a cliff with her to save her, appearing like a shooting star. Not only that, many times his knights who risked their lives to save her, and Saori knows.

At that moment, Shijima is surprised, having a vision of Saori, here was still a child, adult and armor. Saori but not by weight, and more determined than ever, says that now she will save his knights!