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Lost Canvas Gaiden Aspros: Chapter 4


Chapter 4



Chapter 74 total

Determined to complete his mission, Aspros launches a terrible Galaxian Explosion to eliminate both Earheart that Ursula, destroying the entire ship.
While the spectrum disappears in the explosion, Chris throws himself to his sister, saving it from certain death. Reach safely on a beam float, Ursula rejects aid sister blaming because even now who got the word, still does not express his feelings, for this has always been covered with attentions in the family, as she has always remained isolated . For this reason, Ursula hates Chris and look, so, to hit her with a dagger, with the young man who protects thanks to the powers of Ketus.
Aspros, who observed the whole scene, the laughs, saying that in the end everything is reunited in a dispute between brothers. And reproaches that Ursula, a desire so miserable, it is entrusted to the demons of hell.
Chris would like to speak to his sister, to express his true feelings, but something happens; suddenly the surplice of Ketus flustered from his body and the same powers of evil star disappear from the girl.
Aspros includes the situation immediately; is Earhaert, survived the explosion, which called itself the surplice of Ketus, compostasi at his side. Aspros sees wounds Earheart heal instantly and his cosmos expand, and so understands that, with the powers of the Vampire, is able to absorb the powers of the Star of Heaven Decadent!
Ursula laughs happy for the move of the spectrum and immediately ordered him to hand over the surplice so that it can become the queen of the world. But Earhaert looks at her with contempt; it was never his intention cede the surplice, because she was not the chosen for it, she was just a means to ensure that the star fell into the ranks of the army of Hades, just a pawn.
Determined to show the powers of Ketus, Earheart creates a giant red cross on the sea, then, Aspros challenge to resist the power of two evil stars, flashing his Crimson Billow!
Blood red columns rise from the sea, destroying everything. Earheart, remembering the words of Aspros that technique does not work twice on a knight challenges him by saying that it will remove in one go, and hits Aspros with one of those columns.
The knight is hit in full and, stunned, think back to his brother when, in the past, he announced his desire to become High Priest to redeem from that life by shadow. But something changes in vision, Deuteros tells him that life go well, because they are the same and what is Aspros is also his, says while the armor of Gemini appears on his body.
Having recovered from this vision, Aspros reappears in front Earheart, complimenting the power achieved by two evil stars, but saying that it will be able to overcome its power.
Chris, worried about the knight, apologizes for what he has to suffer because of his family, but Aspros the rebuke. It is not for her who is facing that battle, but he's doing it just to reach the pinnacle, and to do that, he must overcome opponents stronger and stronger!
Generating a new Galaxian Explosion, Aspros manages to thwart the coup Earheart, who is surprised of the strength of the rider, but in spite of it, it's still a human being hurt by the previous shot, and will not be able to counter his double power in long.
Suddenly, the surplice of Ketus is detached from the side of the spectrum of rejoining Chris says that power will not be anyone except her.
Earheart, private plus the second star, can no longer oppose the force of Aspros, and ends pulverized by his shot.
Later, Chris rescues his sister to the remains of the villa, with Aspros that asks if you want to keep safe from the powers of the star, only to be a traitor army of Hades, with all the consequences.
But Chris claims not to be worried, it has always been the duty of his family keep sealed evil that star and she will not pull back from this duty, and no one will ever make it recede.
At the sanctuary, two soldiers are asking the High Priest confirmations about the rumors circulating about Sisyphus as his successor. Sage, neither confirmed nor denied, but only says that will test the issue.
And so, as Aspros is about to return to the sanctuary, decided to move forward on its path, Deuteros awaits him to address it, Sage awaits him in his chambers, while Asmita is guard behind him. A new Night of the Warlock is upon us.

Lost Canvas Gaiden Aspros: Chapter 3


Chapter 3

One who transcends humanity


Chapter 73 total

Under the eyes of Aspros, a surplice is placed on the body of Chris, the surplice Ketus Star Of Heaven Decadent!

Aspros understands well that the desire to Chris on his back was not just that, but a seal by her father in an attempt to retain the star evil, seal now broken by Earheart.

While Ursula laughs happy to see the surplice so desired, Chris Aspros attacks with a powerful blast of water. The rider can not understand the transformation of the girl, suffering the stroke, but also realizing something.

Wipeout Aspros, Ursula summons sister, enjoying his strength and trying to take the armor, but not only the surplice is not removed, but even Chris, unconscious, attacks the sister suffocating in a water bubble.

A blow to the head stops the specter; Aspros is determined not to leave Chris in those conditions. Reminding it of its desire not to hurt anyone, the blame for being so meekly provision of a star and evil, remembering his duty to saint says that if this is the kill. Having said that contrasts the new shot Chris generating a miniature galaxy.

But the whole thing was just a diversion to attack Earheart, as Aspros has realized that he has to control the young man, who in fact act now to protect it.

In contrast, while the young to get to the specter, Aspros guess what the girl is suffering in failing to oppose the possession. But unperturbed, Aspros mocks her, saying they do not need to cry against fate, because it is not anyone's fault for what he is doing, if its not, because it's only you who can decide what to do with his life.

The words of the rider are the center, and she speaks for the first time by saying, in tears, not wanting to hurt anyone. But when it was borne of his feelings, Aspros strikes again with a blow to the head, freeing it from the control of the evil star. And promising he will save by eliminating his captors.

Earheart is surprised; the star of Heaven Deterioration is very powerful, and his mission was to bring the call of the high Hades to ensure that you awaken, and against this appeal will alone is not enough. The specter Aspros therefore does not understand how he did it.

The rider smiles, explaining that it is through the brain that formula and the cosmos and the thought that he, being able to control it through the legendary shot evil, can do everything, so as to reach levels similar to a god.

Earheart includes; by acting on the brain, Aspros I made the girl deaf to the call of Hades, thus being able to save her from the evil star. Understood this, Earheart believes prevailing stop a man with such power before he can do any more damage, thus, shown his surplice, attacks him with his Crimson Cross.

But Aspros easily deflects the blow with Another Dimension, stating that a coup will not work twice against a saint. And, determined to carry through his promise to Chris, attacks with a powerful Galaxian Explosion destroys the entire ship.

What will the state of Ursula and Earheart?

Lost Canvas Gaiden Aspros: Chapter 2


Chapter 2

The woman chosen by a star evil

Chapter 72 total

Aspros and Chris are safe in one of the old family property Walden. The servant of the house welcomes them happy, revealing his knowledge about what happened to the young man and his sister, whose hopes that things are resolved quickly. Aspros is going to a little 'to the game, but soon the intimate servant to reveal his real identity.

The servant is pleased with the intuition of the saint, and then speaks of a beast, half man, half bat, which is used to make delicate features to deceive their prey. And so it proves, Raybould dell'Upyr, star of the Earth because, sent there by Earheart to take the young Chris!

Immediately, the specter attacks with his Mar de las Blood, in which dozens of bats flame crashing on Aspros, who, without armor, suffers stroke.

The specter mocks him, for being so weak without armor, lost with the ship at the bottom of the abyss. Then pick on the little Chris, mocking her for wanting to avoid his fate, so weak that she refuses such a great gift. Why Walden did not get only wealth and nobility, but also a curse, a curse on the young Chris finished, as confirmed by a birthmark in the shape of a dragon that Raybould discovers on his back. The curse is the gift of eternal life, but at the cost of the life of a loved one, that's why Ursula want blood to his sister. Mocking her again, the specter attacks the young, with Aspros who jumps to his rescue.

Meanwhile, the Sanctuary, Degel has just completed its report to the High Priest, confirming Aspros as the prime suspect in the death of pizie, disconcerting Sisyphus, present at the scene. Degel formally asked the priest to refuse to Aspros candidacy to his successor, but his answer is stopped by Shion, just Came To. The Knight of the First House asks leave, since leaving for a mission in Jamir. Sage dismisses him wishing him good luck, and then resume the conversation with the two gold; doubts about Aspros are a problem, because Sisyphus has just rejected the application in its place, so now they can only test the loyalty of Aspros ...

Back at the villa, the little Chris curses his fate, wondering why she, who never asked for anything, should try this. In a flash of light, Aspros who has dressed his armor, the pity for his fate, but added that if he wants to change it should resolve to fight.

Raybould is surprised that Aspros was able to dress up his armor he believed lost, but the knight mocks him, is certainly not for a bit 'of water that is lost a cloth!

Then collects energy above him throwing against the specter; is the Arc Geminga, a concentrated magnetic field capable of crushing every cell of the specter.

Raybould, writhing in pain, is surprised by the strength of a knight wearing his armor, but Aspros contradicts it, is not strong for his armor, but he has to be strong!

After the specter dissolved before their eyes, the little Chris takes the hand of Aspros, speaking via Morse code. The girl says she does not care nor the family fortune, nor eternal life, just want to live peacefully, without having to fight his sister, and envy the strength of Aspros in the fight against fate.

Aspros the blame for being so devoid of dreams and ambitions, but it is determined to fight in his place, but someone does not agree; from a crack in the sky, in fact, is the pirate ship with Ursula and Earheart!

Aspros is surprised by the size of the specter powers, which then uses them on Chris doing bleed his back, from which emerges from something.

Ursula laughs satisfied, seeing what he craves, his chance for eternal life, as the queen of the earth, the surplice of Ketus!

Under the eyes of Aspros, the surplice rests on young Chris, presenting it as the chosen one for a star of evil, a specter!

What will you do now Aspros?

Lost Canvas Gaiden Aspros: Chapter 1


Chapter 1


Chapter 71 total

A boat approaching a ship at sea, on board there are two people, a frightened girl and her servant, directed to those who can help them.

On the ship, in fact, there is waiting for Aspros, Golden Knight of Gemini, which immediately offers them tea to rest. For the mouth of the servant, Aspros learns that the young man called Chris Walden, Walden youngest of the family up to the nobility because of their enormous wealth. The problems for the family were born when Uncle Chris has disappeared along with most of the family. Following this, the sister Ursula changed ending for help to the forces of evil; The Spectre of Hades! Thanks to them he murdered his father and tried the same thing with the younger sister, in order to take possession of the family fortune. The young man managed to escape and now asks for protection to the Sanctuary by his sister.

Aspros heard everything calmly, but is not satisfied, the young Chris, in fact, he never opened his mouth and Aspros has decided not to fight for her until she will be right to ask.

His response, however, is stopped by a rumble: one of the soldiers of the ship called Aspros because from nothing came out of a pirate ship that attacks them.

The pirates are driven by Ursula in person, who sends her in search of his sister. Pirates clash with so aspiring Knights on the ship, who are defeated and drained of energy. Aspros, just came, defeats them quickly, noting that the pirates are able to absorb energy through the touch of the hand. Determined to learn more, climb aboard the pirate ship, finding himself face to face with Ursula Walden.

Ursula admires the strength of the Knight so much to offer him a place among her, but refuses Aspros: not for sale for little money and therefore urges her to show her demon. Ursula smiles, even more eager to have him, announcing that Earheart Vampire Star of Heaven Long-lived is already there.

At that moment, Aspros feels grab the shoulders on the neck, feeling the energy drain. Surprised, recognizes that the Spectre, admiring the strength, asks politely if he can step aside in the family dispute. But there is Aspros, will have many flaws, but always brings out a mission, and so saying opens Another Dimension in an attempt to get rid of the Spectre. Earheart compliments again for his power, but he will not be defeated so easily. Suddenly, a cross appears in the sky, ripping through the dark dimension of Aspros, then release slashes of light directed to the ship, with the Knight, which flows towards it desperately trying to save the occupants.

Back to the pirate ship, Ursula laughs for easy departure of Knight. But Earheart warns, because a Gold can not be defeated so easily. Ursula does not listen, reminding them that the pact will help to grab the legacy of Walden and not only that.

Meanwhile, on the shore, Aspros managed to escape, taking with him the young Chris. And while you are sincere in his condition, Aspros discovers his secret; the girl is dumb!

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