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Lost Canvas Gaiden El Cid: Chapter 06


Chapter 06
Dear A Man

Chapter 42 Total

During the semi-final Felsar, we discover together in the past Lacaille of Terror Black told by El Cid. In the memories of the Knight of Capricorn Felsar is a kind man as strong and only thanks to the sacrifice of these saved his life along with mine years ago. Unfortunately the change of his character and his current behavior leaves little doubt at El Cid: The survey that carries along with Sisyphus on the Dream led him to Catalania Felsar and it seems that may have something to do with them ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden El Cid: Chapter 02


Chapter 02

Chapter 38 Total

The arrival of El Cid in the city does not go unnoticed in the eyes of the father of Lacaille, who rushed to shoot his son. The blacksmith is a straightforward, no-nonsense man and does not hesitate to put in its place even El Cid. But the Golden Knight is adamant his honor and accept the lesson. The Father of Lacaille also gives a valuable advice on how to deal with life and, taking a liking to now, gives him a sword and gave him Lacaille as a guide for Catalonia. According to the young the city itself has something ephemeral ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden El Cid: Chapter 01


Chapter 01
Sword Smith

Chapter 37 Total

Lacaille is a willing young craftsman who tries in every way to live up to his father, a great blacksmith. His normal routine is changed when the sudden appearance of the town of Catalania brings so many new visitors to his country and many new clients for his father. But among the many bad guys, one day he meets a man distinguished as terrible: El Cid Capricorn ..

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