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Lost Canvas Gaiden Degel: Chapter 06


Chapter 06
Tourmaline and Chalcedony

Chapter 24 Total

Tourmaline and Chalcedony, acting in tandem, Degel think they can win, but unfortunately for them the Gold Saint of Aquarius is the toughest opponent that could happen to them because of his powers. Indeed, techniques and strategy, the pupil of Krest neutralize their offensive and is also ready to use the shot of the master, Diamond Dust Ray. Meanwhile, together with Carnelian, Garnet and Seraphina, there are explained some background ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Degel: Chapter 02


Chapter 02
The Jewelry Garnet

Chapter 20 Total

It was during the crisis of Cardia, we find from the Sage because of the mission in France by Degel: Krest, his teacher, as well as the legendary warrior of the Holy Wars, with an age of about 500 years, has sent a request for help to Great Temple after attending the territories of Garnet. The vouivre meanwhile approaches Degel, but the two are interrupted by the onslaught of Lady Fraille, a widow seeking revenge. And 'the best opportunity to show off her Garnet of Small Joys ..

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