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Saint Seiya Episode GA: Chapter 8


Chapter 8



In Tokyo, Shun is in a bar drinking whiskey, with the barman who advised him to take it slow, and, in fact, Shun stops, declaring Starsi slowly getting used to alcohol to drink with his brother the day I will review.
The barman says that Shun has not changed over time and asks him the real reason for the visit. Shun him mentions the district of Shinjuku, asking if you really think if what has happened is only a gas leak as stated by the authorities. But the man replied that if he had not perceived the conflict between those two cosmos no longer deserves the title of Saint.
Shun agrees, and goes on to say that he met a Gold Saint of the Past; Shura of Capricorn! And he wonders what is going on and if the Sanctuary being aware.
The man said that the past is changing, and perhaps even their future. Shun then states that will go to the west, where he hears again two cosmos in battle, to control the situation and asks him what he will do, his old comrade, Hyoga!
Meanwhile in Kyoto, in the sacred land, Orlando says with satisfaction the golden glow of the armor of Shura and puts it to the test with his Holy Sword Tower, promptly saved Excalibur Shura.
Orlando is increasingly satisfied and is getting ready to show his true power by changing the shape of his right arm. Shura is surprised to feel the strength and the evil aura emanating from the swordsman.
Orlando is now ready to fight with all his might, as Orlando, the swordsman crazy!

Saint Seiya Episode GA: Chapter 4


Note; chapter is sunny twenty pages instead of forty.

Chapter 4

Silver Cord


In the darkness, a shadow moves extolling verses of an ancient poem. Elsewhere, a man becomes aware of being, realizing that his presence means the end of a life.
Yoshino finds himself in a hospital, brought by Shura to make sure of his condition after the fight. Shura apologizes, because having met even now she will be a target of the men against whom fights; assassins guild "The Faceless".
Yoshino does not understand, but suddenly materializes a silver thread tied to his neck that appeared to be from nothing trying to sever. That being part reads, Shura understands that it is Pluto, the god praised in the Divine Comedy as the one who severs the silver thread of human life. Pluton agrees, he is now a faceless, and gave up his humanity to sever lives.
Shura locks preventing sever the wire Yoshino mocking the fact to pass as a god, when it is nothing more than a murderess.
Pluton not flustered, agreeing once again, that yes he is just un'assassino and that is the task that lies there, to kill them!
A newcomer blocks the shot being new, is the doctor of the hospital, who asked politely to leave.
Shura immediately clear that this is not a male common, feeling a great cosmos come from him. The doctor confirmed him by name and declaring to have already known in the past. Shura is surprised, because they do not remember ever meeting him.
But the doctor stopping Pluton with chains of the cosmos, says that their meeting is in the past for him, but in the future for Shura, and looks like Shun of Andromeda, there rushed to his aid!
Time is apparently mixed because of the fight against Chronos, what will happen now?

Lost Canvas Gaiden El Cid: Chapter 06


Chapter 06
A Man Gentile

Chapter 42 Total

During the semi-final Felsar, we discover together in the past Lacaille of Terror Black told by El Cid. In the memories of the Knight of Capricorn Felsar is a kind man as strong and only thanks to the sacrifice of these saved his life along with Mine years earlier. Unfortunately the change of his nature and his current behavior leave little doubt to El Cid: the investigation continues alongside Sisyphus on the Dream led him to Catalania Felsar and it seems that may have something to do with them ..

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Saint Seiya Omega: Episode 8


Saint Seiya Ω

Episode 8
A Fateful Encounter! The Golden Knight Shocking!

Shukumei no Deai! Shōgeki no Gōrudo Seinto!


The four seminifinalisti of Saint Fight are Eden, Kouga, Ryuho and Yuna, but the main interest of the Palaestra is facing the arrival of the carriage of Athena. Kouga can not help but make sure the person that Saori is rescued, but when it reaches the temple is waiting for more of a surprise ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden El Cid: Chapter 05


Chapter 05
Black Wave

Chapter 41 Total

The final tournament compares the vaunted intentions Felsar and the iron discipline of El Cid, who fears that he had found his goal in his old acquaintance. Although the power to Felsar is evident, the day of reckoning is postponed because Palmer, the mechanical puppet of a mysterious scientist, is planned as the first opponent of the Knight of Capricorn. The notions and countermeasures scientist appear correct, but has not provided that the cut of El Cid is not only from the Cosmos ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden El Cid: Chapter 02


Chapter 02

Chapter 38 Total

The arrival of El Cid in the city does not go unnoticed in the eyes of the father of Lacaille, who rushed to take his son. The blacksmith is a man blunt, no-nonsense and does not hesitate to put in its place even El Cid. But the Golden Rider is firmly convinced of his honor and accept the lesson. The Father of Lacaille also gives him a valuable advice on how to cope with life and, taking it now in sympathy, gives him a sword and grants Lacaille as a guide for Catalonia. According to the young the city itself has something ephemeral ..

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