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Lost Canvas Asmita Gaiden: Chapter 3


Chapter 3
The Truth of Nirvana

Chapter 56 Total

Asmita and Atavaka, the two men closest to the gods, are finally compared, the Spectre is there to take the soul of Ahimsa. Asmita is at a disadvantage and the Spectre immediately appropriates the young Indian. Its purpose is not to give him immortality, as promised, but add it to itself to implement its power: Atavaka wants to become powerful enough to subdue all the Underworld, defeating his own Lord. Asmita, blocked by the Spectre, is unable to prevent it, and the young man, in tears, is incorporated nell'armatura of Atavaka. The Golden Knight is now furious and is about to get back to the Spectre but Kagaho again stands between the two, decided to finish their fight and giving the green light to Atavaka. Asmita is not going to waste time with him, but even the Spectre has more going to play: immediately imprisons the Knight in his Crucify Ankh, decided to burn it down to the bone. Seems to do, so much to apprestarsi to leave, but a voice calling him, is' little brother Sui, who, distraught, asks Kagaho because it burns anything, including himself. The mind boggles Kagaho in front of his inner torment, torment identified by Asmita and used against him once freed of the fiery cross looped. The Spectre is now furious at this intrusion into his private and attacks with all his power by launching three Crown Blast together, a shot that make it hard for another knight gold in the future. But Asmita is not going to take over the fight and once difesosi with Khan, he attacks with a powerful Tenma Kokufu destroying the Spectre. Elsewhere Atavaka is back in his home, happy to have added another soul to his collection when Asmita appears before him, determined to avenge the blood of his friend. Without further ado attacks with a rabid Tembu Horin, the most powerful shot of the Virgin, the Holy Virgo!


Scans MQ and HQ; Translation ENG and FRA

Lost Canvas Asmita Gaiden: Chapter 1


Chapter 01
One who Seek God

Chapter 54 Total

We are in the Underworld, the land of Hades. Among the desperation of the poor damned who are in that place, there is a new figure. His name is Ahimsa, a young man of Indian origin, tortured by the Skeleton, bothered by the fact that it does not behave like the other dead. The young man loses an arm, but the whole attracts the attention of a shining figure: the Gold Saint of Virgo Asmita. Asmita gets rid of the Skeleton with a wave and then linger on the deceased, not only intrigued by the fact that he maintained his personality, but because he seems to know it, and in fact Ahimsa recognizes him. The setting changes, go back in time than eleven years, where a young Ahimsa was arrested for stealing food to take her sick mother. Regardless of his motives, the guards put him under house arrest in a temple of ascetics, forcing him to go hungry as they do. Not understanding the reasons for the ascetic life and eager to return from his mother, Ahimsa is an encounter with a strange child, who reads him his fears and sorrows. This baby is Asmita: he also, through hunger, seeks to understand the meaning of suffering men; amplified compared to the other ascetics as lacking vision.
We return to the present, with an Ahimsa increasingly confused about his status and the presence of the deceased in that place also Asmita which should involve the death of the Gold Saint. But Asmita is present only in spirit form as in charge of a mission, the explanation of which is interrupted by a new arrival. This is the Spectre Kagehoshi that, while interposing between them, not showing interest to the Knight, since, as far the awakening of Hades, finds no reason to engage in battle. In fact, the attention of the Spectre is all for Ahimsa: has awakened the Eighth Sense. Kagehoshi the claims in the name of his lord Atavaka, the Spectre closer to the gods. The Spectre is precisely the reason for the presence of Asmita in the Underworld, so try to get information from Kagehoshi. The Spectre refuses attacking, getting just a quick defeat. Aiming to find its target, Asmita is going to face the underworld, taking with him Ahimsa, being the guy object of interest of the enemy. Elsewhere Atavaka receives the news of the death of Kagehoshi and the presence of Asmita, but, not at all intimidated, order another one of his subordinates to deal with it. But this Spectre does not consider his subject: his only goal is to burn the enemies through his black flames. Kagaho Bennu is going to face Asmita of Virgo only for himself!


Scans MQ and HQ; Translation ENG and FRA

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