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Lost Canvas villain Gaiden: Chapter 03


Chapter 03
The Knights Blacks

Total Chapter 30

Play is not the type to give up easily and is able to track down the two Gold Saints who can not see that his ability and use it to follow the footsteps of the Black Meanwhile Greedy is a choreographic tour the Great Temple, disturbing the first meeting between Sasha and Hakurei ..

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Lost Canvas Cardia Gaiden: Chapter 09


Chapter 09
The Birth of a Goddess

Total Chapter 18

This chapter concludes the second Gaiden, one dedicated to Cardia. The Shiori offered us a hatch sublime personality of Scorpio and the training of Sasha, mixing it with exciting fights that took place in exotic locations from the gods. We can only thank her for this latest gem to be set in our memories.

The following is a summary of some detail of this last chapter, do not read it unless you want to be spoilerati.

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 222


Chapter 222
Three Together

Penultimate chapter of our beloved manga, the "true Saint Seiya". Fabula strange, but always very high content.

Sasha, Tenma and Aaron arrive in front of Hades in the form of pure spirit. This is not going to surrender, but now the three friends together again, are too resolute. In the name of the promise shewn on the cuff, Flowers make an effort to push back the extreme Hades Elysium.

Their life was full, they can vanish in a smile that reveals mutual happiness and melancholy.

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 221


Chapter 221
The bracelet of flowers that combines

The Golden Light finally able to prevail over the darkness of Hades, whose spirit gradually fades in the Temple of Pluto.

Aaron tried in a physical body, but still alive finally meets his sister and his friend, now free from the yoke of Hades. Do not try to justify its attempts to stem the destruction that would bring the God of the Underworld, but Sasha and Tenma asked to participate in pursuit of God at the Temple of Pluto.

Dohko, opposes: holding the exhausted companion Shion insists he can not allow the three young friends to continue the war. But Sasha knows that his heart can not take over the rhythm imposed by the divine blood that flows in the body, so I thanked him and giving him the care Misopethamenos.

As Athena also teleports them to the sanctuary and told him to prepare for the next Holy War as Keeper of the Stars evil, while Shion as a priest.

Tenma greets Dohko trusting that one day we meet again.

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 212 Spoilers


Lost Canvas: Chapter 212 - Spoiler

Tenma and Aaron are face to face on the stairs leading to the palace of Neptune. The saint is surprised that God is not left waiting for him inside his laboratory. The incarnation of Hades says that now the time is ripe to conclude the work to which it is dedicated and who now believes Tenma pregnant with much sadness that they can finally confront him. Pegasus, however, claims to be the only really sad between the two, since the sacrifice of his friends and classmates was the duty to pay to come to confront him. Aaron, dejected, says that perhaps his old friend is not ready yet, and is preparing to eliminate Shion and Dohko, still unconscious, and the clashes with Kagaho Yoma. In defense of the two arises precisely Tenma, and soon after, is Sasha, she is ready to fight with the incarnation of the god of the underworld. Aaron says that his old friends are not yet able to understand the real reason why he decided to exterminate, with great suffering, the whole of humanity. Without Lost Canvas humans would be forced to continue to die and be born again, remaining in a life full of pain and hardship. Its mission is to bring salvation and that without any pain, to do this, will bring down Tenma and Sasha. The floor of corpses around Aaron begins to clump together and from it emerges the Surplice Hades. Brandishing his sword, Aaron is ready to end the Holy War.

Lost Canvas: Chapter 211


Chapter 211
A Person

Aspros begins to lose strength, and which closed the Superdimensione, also contained in the Dark Dimension back to his place in the Lost Canvas, where Sasha arrives. The goddess immediately realize the serious situation of Aspros, but they do not want to be approached and told of his treachery by declaring it impossible for Athena to understand the mind of those who turn to darkness. Sasha, meanwhile, admits he could not approve the location chosen by his knight, but remember that Gemini is present in all men with a dark side to that bright and that life itself takes place within these two limits, therefore, considers Aspros, according to this view, no different from any other person. Aspros, now back at all for the Spectre Rewind Bio, begins to become ashes, but reveals to Sasha that, because of its great capacity to be an ordinary person, it will be worthwhile as a goddess able to embrace all human beings, in all their facets. The armor in the Gemini and the remains of the surplice of Gemini to make totems, beautiful symbol of the duplicity of the human soul.

Meanwhile Tenma stops its run at the sight of his mother Game that invites him to be silent and extracts from wheat Yoma del Rosario who imprisoned. The vision of Mephistopheles asleep in the arms of his companion, softens even the Knight of Pegasus that allows God to believe in her love match.

But Aaron breaks, saying that this was the vision of the dream of Yoma enclosed in Rosario and mocks him for his mistakes. The young man is ready to do battle with Tenma, knowing that soon, Sasha will be joining them.

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Lost Canvas - Chapter 205


Lost Canvas: Chapter 205 - Spoiler

Cheshire, led by Athena in areas near the entrance of Lost Canvas, fears that the goddess wants him out. Sasha reassures him, saying that he decided to go to that point of the fortress to free his comrades. In fact, from the sea of ​​clouds, reappears the Ark of Hope, carrying the Army of the Sanctuary still in a state of petrification. The goddess says in Cheshire that his warriors had violated the law imposed by Aaron as a condition of entering into his fortress, or abandon the feelings of the past. Yato, Yuzuriha and the others are let themselves be swayed by the voices of their loved ones, and turned his eyes back, they became stone. However, strong Armor of God and its newfound powers, Sasha is finally able to break the curse. His universe enfolds the whole boat, and with a single touch, can depietrificare Yato and all the others. Happy to see his goddess wearing the sacred armor, Yato encourages his classmates to lead the decisive attack against Aaron, Sasha brakes immediately but his enthusiasm, asking everyone to leave and return to their peaceful lives. Unicorn is believed that the goddess of all of them feel weak, but simply says that Athena has already asked too much to them and want to continue only with Tenma, the only one with her, can hinder the ambitions and plans of Hades. At Sasha's enough to know that his beloved army is safe and continues to live peacefully on Earth. Meanwhile, Shion continues to climb to the Temples of evil and lies on the path that leads to the palace of Neptune. Misled by the fog, is not aware of the presence of Yoma. The specter Aries calls out of the way and not ruin his plans for the holy war, but to defend Sihon Tenma that comes with wearing the divine armor of Pegasus, has decided to close the deal with Mephisto parent.

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