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Saintia Sho Saint Seiya: Chapter 11


Chapter 11


Star Traitor

Ate of Ruin, the strongest among the Dryads, stands in Scorpio Milo, a knight of gold. Determined not to let him reach the uterus of the mother, Ate attacks him with his Million Hatred, trapping the knight in a tangle of brambles.

Milo mocks the power of dryad, which is not saying much, but Ate does not move, it is in fact for five years waiting to take revenge on scorpion, since prevented the revival of Eris.

Milo realizes that she is the old woman who stopped five years ago, wondering how did you rejuvenate. Ate replied that it was the evil in the world to nourish and strengthen it, and thanks to the energy of the Eris mother will become stronger along with the other Dryads, which will take the place of the men denied them at the time of the myth by Athena.

But Milo laughs again, saying that although it poses to be superior, Ate is only taken by his lust for power. Ate, harassed, attacked him again, but Milo gets rid of brambles, saying that he too has become stronger in those five years, and hits her with his Scarlett Needle, Antares coming soon!

Elsewhere, Shoko and Mii feel a burst of cosmos, and Shoko increasingly concerned for the life of her sister.

Meanwhile, the uterus of Eris, came Ate, dying, trying to gather more energy from Eris, but Rigel's firm, the Ghost does not want to weaken further fact that the mother and incinerates with blue flames, surprising Milo just Came To.

The knight is the familiar face of Rigel, and then recognize it as the old silver knight of Orion, of which it was said that the force was equivalent to that of a knight of gold.

Milo is surprised that he too has succumbed to the deceptions of Eris, but Rigel is not impressed, he is there for a personal reason and not allow itself to be influenced by anyone. Having said that, he hurls his Ignis Fatus, of blue flames that prevent Milo to pass, flames Rigel is ready to scagliargli if you dare strike against Eris.

Here, Milo realizes the true intention of the former Saint; Rigel does not want to protect Eris, but his body, Guest!

But Milo does not care, he is ready to make sacrifices to bring down the evil represented by Eris, and will not stop even in front of Rigel.

Before the eyes of Shoko, just had been made, is about to begin a new battle between knights, who will win?

Saintia Sho Saint Seiya: Chapter 10


Chapter 10


Golden Warrior

In the night sky, Mayura observes two stars away, realizing their direction; the Garden of Eden. The woman knows that mythical place is and what it hides and wonders if the winds of destiny is changing.

Meanwhile, Shoko wakes up in a dark cave blocked by many threads of silk. Confused, she tries to escape, but a man's firm, is Phonos dryad murder. Phonos informs her of her imprisoned beneath the palace of Eris and be interested in her as it once used to house the spirit of his mother.

Shoko, annoyed by him, tries to hit him with Phonos who are surprised that you can still move within its Paralyse Silk, assuming that it is thanks to the protection of the cloth. But reviving the technique, the cloth is damaged and Shoko begins to feel weak. Taking advantage of this, Phonos the taste, anticipating the moment when he is eating now close to her, because that's what you want to do, eat Shoko!

A golden light stops him; Scorpio Milo is rushed to the aid of Shoko!

Milo is surprised to find there a Saintia, was rushed by following a trail of cosmic thinking that would take him by Eris, not a Saintia. Phonos recognizes him, is the man who five years earlier prevented the revival of his mother, Eris, and also Shoko remember him as the man who saved her with her sister.

Glad to avenge potersene, Phonos attacks him, but Milo blocks the attack with only one finger, presenting his Scarlet Needle, which affects the nervous centers procuring excruciating pain. Phonos began to accuse him, but has no intention of surrendering, and attacks with his Despaired Bite! But Milo contrasts easily eliminating the attack with subsequent stings.

Removed the enemy, Milo is getting ready to leave, but Shoko asks him to take it with him to save his sister. Milo, on the contrary, the intimate to leave, because he is there on a mission, a mission with the aim of eliminating obstacles Eris and do not want to!

At the temple, Ate collects energy from Eris, when a man is to inform the Phonos defeat at the hands of a gold saint. Ate is not surprised by this, but reacts with anger when the man shows worried about the strength of the Golden Knight. Ate so chides his Ghost Saint, the former Rigel in Orion Silver Saint! Knight in experiencing a remnant from him, and then left to take care of the gold.

Still in the den, Shoko also welcomes Mii, she too came to his rescue, but instead of Miis, Shoko did not want to leave that place, but want to follow the Golden Knight worried because that could lead to completely fulfill its mission , thus killing her sister!

Meanwhile, in temple, Milo has finally arrived, greeted by Ate, who will win between the two?

Saintia Sho Saint Seiya: Chapter 9


Chapter 9

A heart that refuses to give up!


Strong aid of his sister, Shoko attacks Eris, but his shot does not reach the goddess. In fact, as Saori and Mii They note, Shoko is still not able to control his powers, and therefore fails to create a technique. Eris mocks her, hitting her, laughing at the fact that even if he could strike would only cause damage to the body of his sister, not his soul.
But Shoko did not give up and, rialzatasi and determined to thwart his destiny, tries to hit her again. The shot still lacks strength and Eris keeps laughing, arguing that even if the strike, they would leave without taking one of Shoko.
The new attack Eris, however, is blocked by Saori, determined not to stand idly by. Still convinced that human emotions contain a large force, Saori is determined to defend them and, combined with Shoko, spurs her to call again the help of his sister, now that she will be supporting her.
The new attack, strong Kyoko aid also has the desired effect, and the shot goes straight to the soul sign of Eris, who falls unconscious.
Seems to be made, and Shoko heads already by his sister, but from a dark vortex branches to collect the goddess impendendo Saintia to take it; is Ate, rushed to the rescue of his mother!
According to Ate, Eris is not yet fully aroused, so I was able to hit it. Determined to bring her home to her resume, threat, however, Athena, whose crime of having wounded the mother will not go unpunished. That said, Ate retires, but Shoko is not prepared to leave his sister again and throws himself on the branches before they disappear into the sky.
Saori and Mii are startled, Shoko followed Eris and Ate in the Garden of Eden and Saori knows how dangerous it is for the girl not yet able to control his powers. Determined to save her as his saintia, Saori would like to reach, but the Mii stop. He knows that Saori has weakened in the fight and that the Galaxian Wars are imminent, so he offers to go to recover Shoko, also as a remedy for not being able to do anything. And he swears on his life that will not fail!
Meanwhile, the Sanctuary, the High Priest has perceived the rebirth of Eris and decided to send three knights of argendo on patrol at the Eden Gardens to check. But in the room bursts Milo of Scorpio, decided to take charge of the mission having failed in his youth to counter the resurgence of the Goddess. The priest agrees, and now the knight gold is headed to the Temple of discord, what will happen?

Saintia Sho Saint Seiya: Chapter 6


Chapter 6

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Seeds of Evil

Shoko wakes up, confused, in a cave, in the company of Mirai and Shinato who present their teacher; Mayura.

Mayura was a saint, but for unknown reasons it is now reduced to a vegetable in a wheelchair, being able to speak only through the cosmos by using it as a pheasant.

Mayura Shoko asks why he wants to become a Santia, and when he discovers that it is only to save his sister warns her about the power of desire. The riders do not follow personal interests, but the common good, in most desires can lead to greed and malice to it, in which the girl is linked because of the Goddess of Discord.

Meanwhile, in a temple, Ate observes Kyoko, imprisoned inside a big tree waiting for the awakening of Eris inside her.

His little sister Emony the stops complaining about having to wait for the awakening of the mother before going into action. His brother Phonos agrees, proposing to take care of the riders suffered as a gift for the awakening of the mother. But Ate is of a different opinion; Athena knows that is far from the sanctuary at that time governed by a traitor, and he knows that soon an internal war will shake the ranks of the knights, and only then intervene.

Agreeing with this, the three attend the flowering of the seeds of evil from the tree and around the world to generate new conflicts.

At the sanctuary Milo Scorpion witnessing the fall of the seeds on the world, and with him Aiolia, and both perceive the danger, but they know that they can not move without an order of the High Priest that is hard to get.

Saori Mii and also see the seeds fall, understanding what they mean. And Mii, in addition to this concern, also expressed concerns that his girlfriend Katya, which are untraceable.

Meanwhile, Shoko and the others are having dinner, when one of those semi hits Shoko animating his dark desires to wear the armor to have the power to save Kyoko. Mayura hears and stops her, warning her that if she tries to corrode the sacred armor with his malice, will be forced to deal with it.

Saintia Sho Saint Seiya: Chapter 4


Chapter 4

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Aiolos, the Golden Knight who managed to save Athena in swaddling clothes in the cost of living, has transcended death to help once again his goddess. Saori hear him, though still weak, can not surrender if his warriors continue to fight even after death. With the help of Sagittarius, Saori Ate attacks to finally dispel it from that place. The dryad is hit by a ray of light, but has no intention to surrender; with a flick of his hand, seizes Shoko, ready to make the receptacle of his mother!
Invested by the blow, Shoko has a flashback of when she was a child; at the time was sad because he felt inferior to her sister and believed that she did not want to play with her. Thus ended in a dark garden, where a woman promised to soothe her pain giving an apple. But Kyoko came just in time, because the apple was demonic, as well as its owner, who tried to take over the body of a child, needlessly protected by her sister. Luckily for them, a Golden Knight intervened in relief; Milo of Scorpio! Thanks to him, the woman was beaten and Shoko saves, but the knight warned his sister that their fate was not concluded and Kyoko then decided to become a saintia to protect his little sister.
Back in the present, we see Kyoko fulfill its promise, being able to intrude into undergoing the rite place at the fate of his sister. Thus, under the astonished gaze of Shoko, Kyoko disappears becoming the new body of Eris!
Saori it upon himself every sin, promising to save Kyoko with all his strength, but Shoko is not enough; she does not intend to wait for his sister to be saved, she will do so, as the new saintia of Equuleus!

Saintia Sho Saint Seiya: Chapter 3


Chapter 3
The dryad Ate

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Kyoko, guard, suffered the attack of the head of the Dryads, finendone defeat. Inside the house, which is Shoko Mii fight dryads, with Mii that defeats thanks to the defensive barrier. Nothing can, however, against their boss, Ate the daughter of Eris, come in person to take the body of Shoko. Mii faces it but its defensive wall can do nothing against the force of Ate. Not even the arrival of Kyoko, survived with great joy Shoko the first attack, can do nothing, and the two saintie are at the mercy of the force of the opponent.

Saori comes to their aid, with a scepter in his hand of Athena, decided to give manforte to his warriors and defend Shoko. Ate is surprised, not only by his will combative, but especially by his weakness. Recognizes, in fact, in Saori doubts of human nature which limit the strength. Realizing that Athena is not yet fully awakened and the weakness of his warriors, Ate is happy because there is no better time for the awakening of his mother, so that you can dominate unchallenged on the world.

For girls it seems that there is no hope, but a light rushes to their rescue. And 'the treasure chest golden armor of Sagittarius! Aiolos has again transcended the barriers of death to defend their goddess! Will it succeed?

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