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Lost Canvas: Chapter 211


Chapter 211
A Person

Aspros begins to lose strength, and which closed the Superdimensione, also contained in the Dark Dimension back to his place in the Lost Canvas, where Sasha arrives. The goddess immediately realize the serious situation of Aspros, but they do not want to be approached and told of his treachery by declaring it impossible for Athena to understand the mind of those who turn to darkness. Sasha, meanwhile, admits he could not approve the location chosen by his knight, but remember that Gemini is present in all men with a dark side to that bright and that life itself takes place within these two limits, therefore, considers Aspros, according to this view, no different from any other person. Aspros, now back at all for the Spectre Rewind Bio, begins to become ashes, but reveals to Sasha that, because of its great capacity to be an ordinary person, it will be worthwhile as a goddess able to embrace all human beings, in all their facets. The armor in the Gemini and the remains of the surplice of Gemini to make totems, beautiful symbol of the duplicity of the human soul.

Meanwhile Tenma stops its run at the sight of his mother Game that invites him to be silent and extracts from wheat Yoma del Rosario who imprisoned. The vision of Mephistopheles asleep in the arms of his companion, softens even the Knight of Pegasus that allows God to believe in her love match.

But Aaron breaks, saying that this was the vision of the dream of Yoma enclosed in Rosario and mocks him for his mistakes. The young man is ready to do battle with Tenma, knowing that soon, Sasha will be joining them.

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 209


Chapter 209

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