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Lost Canvas Gaiden Cardia: Chapter 10S


Chapter 10S
Scorpion's Interlude

Bonus Chapter

The Shiori offers us an unprecedented and unexpected closure of Extra Chapter Gaiden Cardia format Tankobon recently released in Japan and soon we will offer you full. This is a brief flashback of childhood and how the Scorpion has taken the Way by Knight after meeting a man Quincentenary ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Cardia: Chapter 08


Chapter 08
Overcoming the Superscript

Chapter 17 Total

For Huesuda the heart of Cardia burns enough, then, with extreme violence, leading to the presence of Tezcatlipoca. There he gives a demonstration of the enormous power that God is developing thanks to the warmth of the Scorpion. But Calbera, still subject to the elderly, can not resist the tears of Cardia giving opportunity to redeem the fight and show the Priest of the Sun the true warmth that his heart can reach thanks to the technique of Katakaio, all while Sasha begins to take awareness of their responsibilities.

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Cardia: Chapter 03


Chapter 03
The priest of the Beasts

Chapter 12 Total

Real encounter / clash of civilizations between Cardia and Huesuda, the Priest of the Sun, leader of the Jaguars! Their dialectical confrontation soon turns into test of physical strength, where the elderly proves to be a tough opponent for even a Gold Saint. Manages to mark Cardia, help in the meantime by Sasha and Calbera. Their showdown is postponed for a couple of days ..

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