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Sisyphus Lost Canvas Gaiden: Chapter 1


Chapter 1
Younger Brother of a Hero

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Chapter 63 total

Seventeen years before the war against Hades, let's see the young Sisyphus, Rasgado and Aspros still apprentices. The three are in the form of observers in an area where the High Priest saw a star shine evil. I do not have to fight, but just waiting for the intervention of the Knight assigned, Ilias Lion, the elder brother of Sisyphus!

When, however, the centaurs bandits attack the defenseless villagers, Sisyphus and Rasgado rush to their aid, against the opinion of Aspros, loyal orders. The guys seem to have the upper hand, until the arrival of the Spectre their head that defeats them easily. The Spectre takes away their forces with his arrows and is ready to finish them off, if not for the timely arrival of Ilias, called by Aspros, defeating the enemies and then scold Sisyphus had not complied with the orders.

A few days later, Sisyphus is training with the arc under the watchful eye of his brother, who scolds him for not being able to understand even the wind and nature. Meanwhile, an oracle speaks with the lion through a deer, revealing to him that he saw a shadow in the future of his brother.

It 's been a year and Sisyphus is ready to perform the test to become a Golden Knight, that is able to wound one. His opponent is Lugonis of Pisces, which puts him in trouble with his poisonous cosmos. But Sisyphus did not train at all, and despite the wounds and pain, with all his strength, he manages to injure Lugonis a finger.

Sage appoints him as Knight but Ilias intervenes; not sure of the quality of his brother and wants to put it in front of another test ..

Lost Canvas Gaiden Manigoldo: Chapter 09


Chapter 09
Thoughts of a Master and his Disciple

Chapter 36 Total

Following is a more detailed summary of this final chapter, you should not continue reading if you do not want to be spoiled.

The Meikaiha of Manigoldo was a devastating power, Greedy is found battered to walk the Hirasaka. Before realizing where he is, though, has an opportunity for a last meeting with his former master Hakurei. The Silver Knight hopes his old student has achieved at least some truth along the dark path he has chosen. For its part Greedy fails to make even a step back and actually re-launches its position definitively taking away from the teacher, accused once again of sloth. We think Manigoldo then, complete with a Play and Mask as witnesses, to ensure that the proud spirit of Greedy precipitate in Yomotsu. After many vicissitudes it is time to leave Venice and return the mask on Death Queen Island; Play now accepted her femininity and the role which his lineage so that it proposes to return to the presence of the mask as soon as able to do with his means. Manigoldo the waiting, wishing to grow well ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Manigoldo: Chapter 08


Chapter 08
The Constellation Dark Altar

Chapter 35 Total

Villain wants to free the spirits imprisoned in the palace of the Greedy Meikaiha, but the power of Avid, revealed for the Black Knight of Altar, seems to make the company even more difficult. But the warrior Cancer is strong in its convictions by virtue of what he has learned in his path Knight ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Manigoldo: Chapter 07


Chapter 07
Spiritual Fortress

Chapter 34 Total

Thanks to the mask, his pendant and his lineage, Play manages to resist Yudo. Sara 'Albafica to stop completely after working even Laimargos. Meanwhile Greedy and Manigoldo begin their battle confronting not only the mastery of Sekishiki, but also on the strength of their principles ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Manigoldo: Chapter 06


Chapter 06
Black Dog Hunt

Chapter 33 Total

Once again Avid does not hesitate to sacrifice his men in order to keep ahead of the Knights. But Manigoldo, recovered the bodies of his group wants to take advantage of yet Sekishiki to pounce on the enemy. His counterattack seems effective, but did not deal with the cunning of the 'ex-disciple of Hakurei. It 's so that our heroes are separated and Play finds himself facing the truth and the powers of Yudo without any help ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Manigoldo: Chapter 05


Chapter 05
Black Raven

Chapter 32 Total

Just when Alegre is going to reveal something important about the past of Play, comes ruse to silence him by giving him the final blow. The fallen knight of the Black Raven is a perfectionist and takes especially to excel in the field of beauty, but must admit that Albafica is superior and therefore wants to confront him. Ruse knows her: with his techniques is able to knock out some of the techniques of the Knight of Pisces. But just when it believes that its strategy is leading to an easy victory, he will discover the pride of the warrior Albafica.

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Manigoldo: Chapter 04


Chapter 04
Black Whale

Chapter 31 Total

We enter the heart of the mission of Manigoldo and Albafica. Trying to stop them is you Alegre, decayed Whale Black Knight, whose credo is to approach the divine letting go of pleasures more instinctive .. in his case that of the drink, as its name suggests. Despite the difference of caste, the Black Knight manages to make the compartment Sekishiki and, surprisingly, seems to know the past of Play. But Manigoldo has so many tricks up their sleeves ..

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