Chapter 198 - Far

Chapter masterpiece of Shiori Teshirogi that in these twenty pages, with six of the splash screen, probably produces the highest quality moments of the entire epic saintseiyana. The opening is entrusted to Aaron who introduces us to the eternal dispute between man and God, between the finite and infinite. In the clash between Regulus and Rhadamanthys, from his laboratory, he sees recur, the romantic challenge of man to the divine, as was the Tower of Babel, as the replacement for the Science faith.

Perfect the two contenders for this historic appeal: the Wyvern is like a god in the blood of Hades, Leo is the human genius that strives to exceed their limits.

Given the failure of his previous attacks, Regulus is ready to use what he calls extreme technique, the 'Athena Exclamation, even if alone. Improvising a pose to complete the Technical Trina, can throw the shot against Rhadamanthys, but he manages to fenderla and, while recognizing the merits of the opponent, says that is not enough for the power of a god and gives him proof with a terrible attack. Regulus begin to believe that it is impossible for a man to challenge a god, frustrated to be impotent in the face of those who have vowed to kill for many years. But still does not want to give up, is convinced he can push their limits beyond what has been done and invokes the entire zodiac to assist him.

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