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Canvas Lost Season 2 - Character Song Album


Character Song Album
Lost Canvas - Season 2

We propose a special Audio CD released with the second season of Lost Canvas OVA in which there are songs dedicated to some of the characters performed by their voice. The archive contains the full Track List and cover everything in HQ!

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Lost Canvas Cardia Gaiden: Chapter 09


Chapter 09
The Birth of a Goddess

Total Chapter 18

This chapter concludes the second Gaiden, one dedicated to Cardia. The Shiori offered us a hatch sublime personality of Scorpio and the training of Sasha, mixing it with exciting fights that took place in exotic locations from the gods. We can only thank her for this latest gem to be set in our memories.

The following is a summary of some detail of this last chapter, do not read it unless you want to be spoilerati.

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 222


Chapter 222
Three Together

Penultimate chapter of our beloved manga, the "true Saint Seiya". Fabula strange, but always very high content.

Sasha, Tenma and Aaron arrive in front of Hades in the form of pure spirit. This is not going to surrender, but now the three friends together again, are too resolute. In the name of the promise shewn on the cuff, Flowers make an effort to push back the extreme Hades Elysium.

Their life was full, they can vanish in a smile that reveals mutual happiness and melancholy.

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 221


Chapter 221
The bracelet of flowers that combines

The Golden Light finally able to prevail over the darkness of Hades, whose spirit gradually fades in the Temple of Pluto.

Aaron tried in a physical body, but still alive finally meets his sister and his friend, now free from the yoke of Hades. Do not try to justify its attempts to stem the destruction that would bring the God of the Underworld, but Sasha and Tenma asked to participate in pursuit of God at the Temple of Pluto.

Dohko, opposes: holding the exhausted companion Shion insists he can not allow the three young friends to continue the war. But Sasha knows that his heart can not take over the rhythm imposed by the divine blood that flows in the body, so I thanked him and giving him the care Misopethamenos.

As Athena also teleports them to the sanctuary and told him to prepare for the next Holy War as Keeper of the Stars evil, while Shion as a priest.

Tenma greets Dohko trusting that one day we meet again.

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 218


Chapter 218
In Those Days!

Tenma with an unprecedented effort of will, thanks to the call of his companions, his feet are recovering from strokes cursed Hades. The Knight returns to believe in his chosen path, the path that so many have sacrificed. Knights of the cosmos is concentrated around the bracelet that Flowers Tenma holds in his hand, forming the strength of an entire universe.

With this shot definitely want to awaken Aaron, making him go back to those days when those were the true colors of life. His incredible attack fails: the Surplice Hades is pierced from side to side, the Lost Canvas begins to fade, releasing the imprisoned souls.

Not only the world seems safe, even Aaron is miraculously still alive and thanks his childhood friend for having kept his promise. But not over, Aaron starts to cry out that only a short time and must Tenma destroy his body and his soul ..

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 217


Chapter 217
In Feet

Yato bravely continues to spur Tenma, fell into a deep lethargy of spirit because of the blows of the words of Aaron and the people of the Lost Canvas.

When Aaron wants to do away with the Bronze Saint is Yuzuriha along with other veterans and to stop inciting the young to continue Unicorn. Their desire is to live, do not believe in salvation offered by the death and returned to fight for their choice.

The deadly power of Aaron starts to hit them, but their voice reaches that Tenma is finally able to get to his feet.

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 216


Chapter 216

Aaron has caused a terrible wound that Tenma asks that the spirits of the Lost Canvas have sought to defend the one who is the cause of their condition. When Aaron tries to complete the old canvas on their children, Sasha is blocked by the same spirits that grasp and Tenma together to make their voices heard. Theirs is an appeal to the Knight of Pegasus that he should stop fighting against Aaron, that they see as a benefactor because they're actually saving them from the suffering they are forced to suffer from both living and dead.

But thanks to the Ship of Hope, the survivors of the army in place of Athena come to their aid: they have disobeyed the will of Sasha because they could not turn our backs on the plight of their comrade.

E 'Yato same that tries to resume Tenma, before being interrupted by Aaron. The young Knight of the Unicorn is all his courage to ask ourselves who is the guardian of Hades and accused him of not knowing Tenma, as he will rise again. But Aaron is well aware of this character and want to end it ..

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