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Italy is a production of Lost Canvas Base Crew.
Base Crew is currently understood, was founded in 2007 by a group of dedicated community Sorkin ™ (operational since 1997), eager to share their passion and their talents with other fans.


Imported into Italy, the first of our local publishing biblical times, foreign works of which we are treating the fans so refined the translation and adaptation, as well as the technical aspects necessary for the use of the material itself.


Base Crew officially and unofficially took care of several works, including:
- Saint Seiya Chapter Sanctuary [Anime]
- Saint Seiya Meikai Hen [Animecomics]
- Saint Seiya Meikai Hen [Anime]
- Saint Seiya Elysion Hen [Anime]
- Saint Seiya Tenkai Hen Introduction [Manga]
- Saint Seiya Tenkai Hen Overture [Anime]
- Saint Seiya Next Dimension [Manga]
- Saint Seiya Episode G [Manga]
- Saint Seiya Episode G Gaiden: Aiolos Hen [Manga]
- Heroes Novels [Comics]
- Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas [Manga]
- Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas - Yuzuriha Gaiden [Manga]
- Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas [Anime]
Currently the products are designed for almost all of Lost Canvas, making, in fact, Lost Canvas and an inseparable Base Crew.


Biri: Trad Jap (sold out, holy now)
Elly: Releaser Online Reader, Torrent Releaser, Timing, Adapter, Hardsubber, Beta Reader Trad Spa (morningstar)
Fëanor Spirit of Fire: Editing, Lettering, Cleaning, Trad Eng, Adapter, Raw Hunter, Timing, Hardsubber, Fanartist (doped)
Gold Saint 85: Hunter News, Blogger, Trad Between (confused)
Guido: Trad Jap (Fuzzy)
Guru: Trad Chn (Fuzzy)
Ikki 23: Editing, Lettering (brave)
Liz: Emule Releaser (polite)
Sheep: Releaser (unfriendly)
Sagitter: Editing, Lettering, Cleaning (continued)
UltimateGemini: Fanartist, lettering (prod by now more than ever)
Penguin: Sustainer of the Universe (our divinity)

Direct Contact:

If you wish to contact us several ways:
- Forum: www.sorkino.it where, after registration, you can send private messages, or enter public topic;
- The webmaster's email address: feanor@lostcanvas.it
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