Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

As documented on the forum and as all know by now, Japan is the victim of an unprecedented natural disaster. There are many victims and unfortunately the situation is all still to be defined. If you follow our team, like us, you are a fan of many artists Nipponese who are experiencing this dramatic situation firsthand. E 'unnecessary stop and talk of the likely failure to issue a new manga or OVA, surely we can wait. It 'also certain that, in our small, we can give some contribution. As soon as the machine will turn on humanitarian, we invite you all to donate to help Japan, home to many friends.

Also as soon as we secure information about our manga, we'll know in future updates of this article.

Important Update

The Shiori Teshirogi updated his blog / journal, so it's good. For now, we report a summary:

The Shiori is safe. It 'been a terrible experience, his hometown has been hit badly, received confirmation from an old friend.
The situation is still uncertain and calls for many people to help with all of the donations, leaving even the references.
It 'important to restart and rebuild.
Do not bring himself to say more for now.

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