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Lost Canvas Gaiden Aldebaran: Chapter 3


Chapter 3
Those that Must Be Protected

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Rasgado takes the full direct Cor Tauri, resisting the coup. It ''s going to help him convince the Giant and will stop at nothing! Cor Tauri, for its part, is prey to his own power, and begin producing uncontrolled flashes. Rasgado stands in defense of Selinsa, surprising both the child that the automaton, then, firm in their conviction, launches a powerful Great Horn intended to the heart of the Giant. The shot has the desired effect and Cor Tauri has flashbacks of his past life, when he began to defend the island of Crete. At the time, the island was ruled by Europe, which oversaw the inhabitants as her three children, but not only them, the woman took care also of Cor Tauri, considering not a simple automaton but part of their family. This had filled my heart with Cor Tauri who was more determined than ever to defend the seed of Europe, of the children of Crete. And recalled that thanks to the coup Rasgado Cor Tauri can take back their power, limiting the electrical discharges.

On the surface, the automaton revealed his decision to his children, saying that he intends to follow the Knight to protect the children one last time in Crete. Children do not want but Selinsa stops them, having understood the feelings of the teacher, promises that it will continue to live as he taught.

Encouraged by this, Cor Tauri Rasgado follows the slopes of Etna, the entrance to the den of Typhon, the two will be able to reconstruct the seal?

Lost Canvas Gaiden Aldebaran: Chapter 2


Chapter 2
The Fist of Honesty

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Sanctuary at Aspros and Sisyphus they talk about the possible revival of the Giants and that Rasgado was sent on a mission to prevent it. Aspros doubts Knight when two years ago he could not even save Ilias and Regulus in America. But Sisyphus has confidence in Cavaliere del Toro, and is sure that will complete his task.

Rasgado confronts the giant Cor Tauri, twice the size of him, under the shouts of children who hail the giant. Rasgado is frustrated, not only by the taunts of children, but that Cor Tauri not want to listen. Knight is not, in fact, there to deal with it but to ask for his help. Annoyed, trying to stop the opponent with its Titan Break, which seems to invest the giant. Among children, a small Selinsa pounced against blaming him for the defeat of their patron, but Cor Tauri is not defeated and replies with his Ichor Nova, throwing the ground on the two.

Rasgado finds himself in the famous labyrinth of the Minotaur in the company of any contrary Selinsa. The child, in fact, believes that Rasgado is bad having engaged battle with his teacher, who once saved her from that maze where his parents had abandoned her. Rasgado but has all other intentions; its mission is, in fact, reinforce the seal of Typhon, and to do that, he needs the help of Cor Tauri. He explains how the girl, Cor Tauri is actually an automaton created in antiquity by Daedalus to protect the island of Crete, and give him life was the Ichor of Zeus enclosed in his heart, and it is to this' Ichor that Rasgado needs to reinforce the seal of Typhoon. Suddenly, Cor Tauri burst onto the scene in search of Selinsa, the automaton looks shabby and prey to sudden blazes. Selinsa Rasgado explains that the automaton is old and no longer able to manage his own power, so avoid the fighting. Rasgado has now understood the feelings of the automaton and, more determined than ever to convince him to his cause, he takes in a fist full of the Giant!

Lost Canvas Gaiden Rasgado: Chapter 1


Chapter 1
The Star Giant Two Men


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We see images of a volcano and a knight facing a giant: it is a dream. To do so is Teneo, which became the new Gold Saint Taurus! Six years have passed since the end of Holy War and Teneo, having attained the strength to get the armor, is engaged in the reconstruction of the shrine, feeling unfit armor that was his teacher. The people of Rodorio help in reconstruction and, at that time, we see a cart hosted by our other old acquaintances. At the wheel of the wagon, in fact, we see a grown Selinsa, who now takes care of orphans in the country, and at his side Agasha, the daughter of the florist, leading herbal medicines for the sanctuary. The girls are surprised by a landslide, but a knight comes to their rescue with protecting his Great Horn! Selinsa is happy and surprised to see Teneo wearing the armor of their old master, but the greetings are sent back, because the area is still in danger and they should leave.

Later, Shion, the new High Priest, convenes Teneo to entrust a mission. He, in fact, received a letter from the Pope informing him that the seal on Etna, which imprisons Typhon and his Giants, is weakening. Shion therefore decides to send Teneo on site. The boy, although scared of facing an opponent as powerful, agrees. The next day, before we left, he visits the grave of Rasgado, finding Selinsa that has been able to Shion of his mission. She begins to tell him that fourteen years ago, also Rasgado faced the same mission and she knew about it because I knew at that juncture. At the time, Selinsa lived on the island of Crete, protected by Cor Tauri, who Rasgado faced before visiting Sicily.

Lost Canvas Gaiden Asmita: Chapter 5S + 8 Anecdote


Chapter 5S + 8 Anecdote

As usual, in the version Tankobon dell'Anecdote dedicated to the Knight of Virgo, the Shiori gives some extra (you can find the link in the References at end of article) not only offers an extra chapter, summarized therein.

Encounter with Imitation of God

Kagaho wakes in the Underworld. Still oppressed of his last moments, he wonders how much time has elapsed since his death while wandering in Hell. There she meets a young man with a puppy in her arms who reveals that he is looking for children. Then she asks him if he is looking for someone who is trying to discover his brother Sui. Kagaho is shocked, while the young, regretted the situation of the dead, asked him if it was not better to create for them a world without pain. That guy is Aaron, the man destined to contain the Spirit of Hades, and this encounter is the beginning of a solid alliance ..


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Lost Canvas Gaiden Asmita: Chapter 4


Chapter 04
Ties of Destiny

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Asmita, furious, Atavaka strikes with all his strength by taking away the five senses and later the sixth, seventh and even eighth! Atavaka seems to be over, but not so! The Spectre Asmita hitting back with his Mate Muhorin, which not only deprived of the senses, but replaces them with pain. Atavaka survived the Holy Virgo under the cloak of the souls he absorbed and scolds Asmita want to attain enlightenment without depriving themselves of the pain and all earthly things as he did. Blaming him for it, cancels it in a world of darkness. Immersed in this darkness, Asmita remembers a conversation with Buddah on the reason for pain and emptiness that left him. Buddha said that pain is part of life and you have to understand it and accept it for better understanding of life itself. Returning to the present, Asmita back to the Light, but not because of him, but for the souls in Atavaka that, guided by Ahimsa, they intervened to save him. Moved, the Knight is preparing to last attack opposing the coup of the Spectre, and then throw it in the wheel of reincarnation, so that it can no longer be reborn as Spectre. The reproach of Virgo is not accepting pain realizing that life is a universe. With the Spectre defeated, Ahimsa, however weak, is free and asks his old friend what to do. Asmita responds by talking to Athena, the goddess so fights. Asmita when he saw her for the first time, small, fragile and human, had blamed his life full of pain, but now understands that even if there is pain in life there is more: it is the one that is always worth fighting. Including this one, Ahimsa enters the wheel in order to be reborn and to revisit the Knight. Asmita also gets up conscious of what he has learned with the last fight and ready to face the upcoming Holy War with the utmost determination!


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Lost Canvas Gaiden Asmita: Chapter 3


Chapter 3
Truth Nirvana

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Asmita and Atavaka, the two men closest to the gods, are finally compared; Spectre is there to take the soul of Ahimsa. Asmita is a disadvantage and the Spectre immediately takes possession of the young Indian. Its purpose is not to give him immortality, as promised, but unite it to him to implement his power: Atavaka wants to become powerful enough to subdue all the Underworld, defeating his own Lord. Asmita, blocked by Spectre, is unable to prevent it, and the young, in tears, is incorporated in the armor of Atavaka. The Golden Rider is now furious and is about to make her pay for the Spectre but Kagaho again stands between the two, he decided to complete their fight and giving the green light to Atavaka. Asmita is not going to spend time with him, but even the Spectre has more going to play: immediately imprisons the Knight in his Crucify Ankh, she decided to burn it to the bone. It seems to do, so much to apprestarsi to leave, but a voice calls; It is' brother Sui, who, shocked, asks Kagaho because it burns everything, including itself. The mood of Kagaho falters in front of his inner torment, torment identified by Asmita and used against him once freed the fiery cross looped. The Spectre is now furious at this interference in his private and attacks with all its power by launching three Crown Blast along, a blow that will cause problems another Knight of gold in the future. But Asmita has no plans to bring over the clash and, once difesosi with Khan, attacks with a powerful Tenma Kokufu annihilating the Spectre. Elsewhere Atavaka is back in his home, happy to have added another soul to his collection when Asmita appears before him, determined to avenge the blood of his friend. Without further ado attacks with a rabid Tembu Horin, the most powerful blow of the Virgin, the Holy Virgo!


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Lost Canvas Gaiden Asmita: Chapter 2


Chapter 02
Having heard no voice

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Jamir in a young Yuzuriha perceives the awakening of a Star Maleficent and tries to counter it before it can manifest on Earth. But this power is too great for the warrior who would succumb if not for the timely arrival of Hakurei. The old master recognizes that the Star belongs to Spectre Atavaka and Asmita has already traveled to Hades to address it; but well aware of the doubts of the Knight after seeing the human nature of Athena. Conscious of this, it wonders how far Virgo is ready to fight the enemy. The Underworld Asmita and Ahimsa continue their path between the spirits of the damned: the young Indian is appalled at the agonizing state in which there are those poor souls and, shocked, unable to accept the idea that his mother might be in same conditions. Suddenly, the dead and the surrounding environment are incinerated by terrible black flames is Kagaho of Bennu, ready to do the same with the body of the Golden Rider. The attacks of the Spectre, however, crashing against the Khan of Asmita, the powerful barrier of the Knight of the Virgin. But this does not stop the Spectre that continues to attack with fury, heedless of the pain. Meanwhile, the shoulders of Ahimsa reappears Kagehoshi, surprising the guy who thought he was dead at the hands of Asmita. But the Spectre replies that he is immortal and that Ahimsa can become, if he agrees to join Atavaka; indeed, not only him, but also his mother could be freed from the horrors of hell if he accepted. The boy tried, but suddenly evil spirits stand between the two, allowing Asmita, who had called, to free his friend from the clutches of the Spectre, breaking his illusion. Kagehoshi is, in fact, Atavaka disguised, arrived there to take the soul of the young people. Asmita able to defend the soul of his friend?


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