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Lost Canvas Season 2 - Character Song Album


Character Song Album
Lost Canvas - Season 2

We propose a special Audio CD released with the second season of Lost Canvas OVA where there are songs dedicated to certain characters performed by their respective voice actors. The archive contains the track list full of everything and the cover in HQ!

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Lost Canvas: hardsub OVA 26 HD


Chapter 26
Be Yourself

Thus ends the Second Season of Lost Canvas, an anime that got us excited and enriched as few. Compliments to the TMS, which has been able to transpose the sublime manga Shiori Teshirogi. While we enjoy this last act, we can only hope that in the land of Japan the good sense and good taste prevail and proceed quickly to the realization of the Third Season. We take advantage of this space to thank all those who have followed and supported in this grueling adventure!

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Lost Canvas: hardsub OVA 25 HD


Chapter 25
How many years!

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Lost Canvas: hardsub OVA 24 HD


Chapter 24
Time for a Bloody Battle

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Lost Canvas: OAV 26 softsubs


Ready is the softsubs OAV 26!

Softsubs OAV 26

Mirror 1 - Mirror 2 - Mirror 3 - Emule - Torrent

See you soon with hardsub ;)

Lost Canvas: OAV 25 softsubs


Ready is the softsubs OAV 25!

Softsubs OAV 25

Mirror 1 - Mirror 2 - Mirror 3 - Emule - Torrent

See you soon with softsubs of 26 ;)

Lost Canvas: Booklet Disc 6 Season 2


Here is ready for you the booklet attached to the Disco 6.

Happy viewing!

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