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Lost Canvas Gaiden Shion: Chapter 2


Chapter 2

The Messenger that goes beyond the Time


Chapter 76 total

Immersed in the wastelands of Tibet, Manigoldo complains because they are days that run in circles without finding anything, complaining that place so desolate to remember the mouth of Hades. Shion not flustered, replicating it as a mission to become a knight is not so bad, and reminds him that they are looking for a forgotten land, suddenly disappeared into thin 250 years ago; the continent of Mu.
Manigoldo includes, but is confident about its link with the gold of Aries to find the place, Shion replies that it is not a bond always present, but it is precisely at that moment that feels something, a voice that brings him close to a light. Before the two can understand what it is, the light surrounds them and the two disappear into thin air.
In Jamir, Hakurei perceives their disappearance and tells Sage, with whom he is conversing telepathically. Brother apologizes for forcing him to send his pupil in that mission so risky, but with the advent of the holy war is too important to draw all the armor, and the special power of Shion was perhaps the only way to regain the cloth Avenir disappeared with the continent of Mu shortly after the last holy war. Hakurei, which itself is proud of how the student has faced, reassures his brother affirming its full support to the plan and full confidence in its successful conclusion.
Meanwhile, Shion and Manigoldo find themselves in a land foreign, near a village in ruins. Manigoldo not surprised that his teacher saw us right again, but warns Shion on that site, which perceives dangerous and which may or may not return.
Suddenly, they are attacked by some rocks, moves like bullets by two men riding a yak. The two attackers, telling him to tell them when they come from, surprising Shion. And when Manigoldo states that have come from the Sanctuary to claim the cloth of Aries, the two become angry, attacking with even more force the two, dividing them.
Shion is thrown on a building where he discovers something portentous; all the inhabitants are like frozen in time!
Determined to learn more, Shion is pressing her attacker to have an explanation, but he refuses continuing to attack with increasing fury. Suddenly, however, his body turns into dust getting older suddenly, is Manigoldo that pulled the soul with Meikai-Ha, performing the same move made by his assailant. The two are more and more confused when they hear someone applaud; is a child who congratulated in having seen more than two hundred years after the Meikai-Ha, albeit performed differently since he had seen used by Sage.
Under the incredulity of the two, the boy apologized for the behavior of his companions, but being trapped in time for two hundred years were very tense. The child claims to want to help to run the last wishes of Avenir and takes them where houses the cloth of Aries. Once there, the two are rejected by a seal that imprisons her, including by its power that it is a divine seal.
The child confirms their feeling, explaining that two hundred years ago, shortly after the last Holy War, a man came from the sanctuary demanding to see the gold of Aries; the man said his name Kairos.

Lost Canvas Gaiden Aspros: Anecdote 12


Being rolled out at home, we present here the extras dell'Aspros Gaiden, which also contains a bonus chapter. Please note also, that Sisyphus Gaiden will be released in Italy February 26, as ever published by Panini Comics.

Other Dream

We are after the Night of the Warlock, with Deuteros the foot of the grave of his brother and close the chest armor upon receipt. Suddenly, Deuteros whirls in attack position, having sensed someone approaching. Sisyphus of Sagittarius para attack, came to put their respects to a fallen comrade, not to fight, amazed the similarity between the two brothers. Deuteros withdraws angrily, blaming the rider that if he accepted the role of High Priest would not have happened. Sisyphus can not say whether this is true or not, but says that he could not accept that role, because somehow knows that sooner or later will transfer to its dark side. Therefore, his task is only to protect those who will go on, even at the cost of life. Deuteros smiles to hear him, remembering how his brother was trying to become a priest at the cost of life. Looking at the stele, the new gold of Gemini, decides that it is time for him to dedicate his life to a goal; and already knows what.
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Lost Canvas Gaiden Shion: Chapter 1


Chapter 1

Those who dream Aries


Chapter 75 total

In the darkness, the gold cloth of Aries breaks up composing him to Shion, but something happens and the guy is hit by something dark.
Yuzuriha and Tokusa awaken Shion, concerned about the companion heard him cry out in his sleep. Shion, who has already done this nightmare, reassures companions walked away, leaving the two brothers only to wonder what's going on, with Yuzuriha assuming that everything depends on the armor of Aries which, for some reason, the master Hakurei continues to refuse.
Outside, Shion to calm down a bit ', he trains with psychokinesis moving rocks, feeling ready to become a knight, when someone is complimenting his strength; is Manigoldo of Cancer, now in Jamir by order of the Priest Sage.
Shion, coming in contact with his armor, sees the fight against Greedy Black Altar, sensing for what came to Jamir. Villain is surprised by the ability of the boy and confirmed that one of its missions is to report to the Hakurei battle against the Knights Blacks.
The tower, Manigoldo ends their relationship to Hakurei, handing down an order of Sage to his brother, his second mission.
Sage Hakurei order to confer the gold of Aries Shion in order to complete the ranks of gold in sight of the holy war, but Hakurei opposes, believing the student unsuitable. To the grievances of Shion trying to reach the master, the silver altar intervenes in its protection by passing out Shion. Hakurei says a worried Manigoldo that Shion has the rare ability to see the memories and feelings of cloth, and it is just seeing the silver ones who fainted unable to bear his sad memories. E 'for this reason that Hakurei denies him the gold of Aries, to avoid an unfortunate fate that struck even his previous owner.
Shion, found, continues to plead his case, feeling ready to assume the role of a knight, Hakurei, irritated, hits him knocking him out of the tower.
The wise man does not want to give in and still affects the student under the concerns of Manigoldo. Even Shion, however, does not want to give in, and decided to go ahead even if it means breaking their relationship teacher / student shows him what he learned by observing the memories of the cloth.
Hakurei recognizes the laying of the boy; Stardust is the Revolution, the previous technique knight of Aries, that Shion spear against his master.
Hakurei revokes thanks to Sekishiki Meikai-Ha, which then uses against Shion and cut off the soul from the body. The timely intervention of Manigoldo resolve the situation, with the rider that the soul returns to the old Shion scolding for his excessive ways. But Hakurei replied that he was sure that the boy intervened and adds that his assent to the order of Sage. However, Hakurei reveals that his concern is not diminished, because the cloth of Aries conceals a curse, a curse that struck the former owner and his companion; Avenir Aries.
Later, Shion gleans on the shoulders of Manigoldo that is taking away from Jamir, revealing that his teacher has finally consented to the order of Sage. Shion turns wanting to thank and greet the teacher, seeing him in the distance on the tower seems to notice the shadow of a smile, so he too smiles, thanking him for the trust given to him.

Lost Canvas Gaiden Aspros: Chapter 4


Chapter 4



Chapter 74 total

Determined to complete his mission, Aspros launches a terrible Galaxian Explosion to eliminate both Earheart that Ursula, destroying the entire ship.
While the spectrum disappears in the explosion, Chris throws himself to his sister, saving it from certain death. Reach safely on a beam float, Ursula rejects aid sister blaming because even now who got the word, still does not express his feelings, for this has always been covered with attentions in the family, as she has always remained isolated . For this reason, Ursula hates Chris and look, so, to hit her with a dagger, with the young man who protects thanks to the powers of Ketus.
Aspros, who observed the whole scene, the laughs, saying that in the end everything is reunited in a dispute between brothers. And reproaches that Ursula, a desire so miserable, it is entrusted to the demons of hell.
Chris would like to speak to his sister, to express his true feelings, but something happens; suddenly the surplice of Ketus flustered from his body and the same powers of evil star disappear from the girl.
Aspros includes the situation immediately; is Earhaert, survived the explosion, which called itself the surplice of Ketus, compostasi at his side. Aspros sees wounds Earheart heal instantly and his cosmos expand, and so understands that, with the powers of the Vampire, is able to absorb the powers of the Star of Heaven Decadent!
Ursula laughs happy for the move of the spectrum and immediately ordered him to hand over the surplice so that it can become the queen of the world. But Earhaert looks at her with contempt; it was never his intention cede the surplice, because she was not the chosen for it, she was just a means to ensure that the star fell into the ranks of the army of Hades, just a pawn.
Determined to show the powers of Ketus, Earheart creates a giant red cross on the sea, then, Aspros challenge to resist the power of two evil stars, flashing his Crimson Billow!
Blood red columns rise from the sea, destroying everything. Earheart, remembering the words of Aspros that technique does not work twice on a knight challenges him by saying that it will remove in one go, and hits Aspros with one of those columns.
The knight is hit in full and, stunned, think back to his brother when, in the past, he announced his desire to become High Priest to redeem from that life by shadow. But something changes in vision, Deuteros tells him that life go well, because they are the same and what is Aspros is also his, says while the armor of Gemini appears on his body.
Having recovered from this vision, Aspros reappears in front Earheart, complimenting the power achieved by two evil stars, but saying that it will be able to overcome its power.
Chris, worried about the knight, apologizes for what he has to suffer because of his family, but Aspros the rebuke. It is not for her who is facing that battle, but he's doing it just to reach the pinnacle, and to do that, he must overcome opponents stronger and stronger!
Generating a new Galaxian Explosion, Aspros manages to thwart the coup Earheart, who is surprised of the strength of the rider, but in spite of it, it's still a human being hurt by the previous shot, and will not be able to counter his double power in long.
Suddenly, the surplice of Ketus is detached from the side of the spectrum of rejoining Chris says that power will not be anyone except her.
Earheart, private plus the second star, can no longer oppose the force of Aspros, and ends pulverized by his shot.
Later, Chris rescues his sister to the remains of the villa, with Aspros that asks if you want to keep safe from the powers of the star, only to be a traitor army of Hades, with all the consequences.
But Chris claims not to be worried, it has always been the duty of his family keep sealed evil that star and she will not pull back from this duty, and no one will ever make it recede.
At the sanctuary, two soldiers are asking the High Priest confirmations about the rumors circulating about Sisyphus as his successor. Sage, neither confirmed nor denied, but only says that will test the issue.
And so, as Aspros is about to return to the sanctuary, decided to move forward on its path, Deuteros awaits him to address it, Sage awaits him in his chambers, while Asmita is guard behind him. A new Night of the Warlock is upon us.

Lost Canvas Gaiden Deuteros: Anecdote 11


Being rolled out at home we present here the extra volume dedicated to Deuteros postandovi chapter extra and alternative cover of the book, you find after the jump.


Other Dream

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Special chapters for Lost Canvas Episode and GA


In the October issue of Champion Red came out a few extra dedicated to spin off Saint Seiya including two special chapters of four pages of Lost Canvas Episode GA and that we are going to summarize.

Lost Canvas

We are after the war sacred. Yuzuriha is trying to get used to the daily life Yato teaching him to fish, but the boy does not want to not endure the worms. Yuzuriha forces him by force and Yato, against his will, is going to do it by imagining the same scene with Tenma to his side. In his imagination he can easily Tenma as Yato always saw him do and envy him for that. Taken by the thought, Yato you realize you have caught a fish, rejoicing of the incident, he feels a hand on his shoulder and compliments of Tenma. Yato turns shooting, but saw no one, then, smiling, thanks friend disappeared.

Episode GA

At the sanctuary, Shura meets Kokuto, the owl oracle of Athena. The owl speaks of the new danger and that only he will face, having been chosen as a murderess as already bearing a similar mission in the past. Realizing the gravity of the thing, Shura agrees to follow it, even if it means going through a traitor, following her at a time of a distant country; Japan.
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Lost Canvas Gaiden Aspros: Chapter 3


Chapter 3

One who transcends humanity


Chapter 73 total

Under the eyes of Aspros, a surplice is placed on the body of Chris, the surplice Ketus Star Of Heaven Decadent!

Aspros understands well that the desire to Chris on his back was not just that, but a seal by her father in an attempt to retain the star evil, seal now broken by Earheart.

While Ursula laughs happy to see the surplice so desired, Chris Aspros attacks with a powerful blast of water. The rider can not understand the transformation of the girl, suffering the stroke, but also realizing something.

Wipeout Aspros, Ursula summons sister, enjoying his strength and trying to take the armor, but not only the surplice is not removed, but even Chris, unconscious, attacks the sister suffocating in a water bubble.

A blow to the head stops the specter; Aspros is determined not to leave Chris in those conditions. Reminding it of its desire not to hurt anyone, the blame for being so meekly provision of a star and evil, remembering his duty to saint says that if this is the kill. Having said that contrasts the new shot Chris generating a miniature galaxy.

But the whole thing was just a diversion to attack Earheart, as Aspros has realized that he has to control the young man, who in fact act now to protect it.

In contrast, while the young to get to the specter, Aspros guess what the girl is suffering in failing to oppose the possession. But unperturbed, Aspros mocks her, saying they do not need to cry against fate, because it is not anyone's fault for what he is doing, if its not, because it's only you who can decide what to do with his life.

The words of the rider are the center, and she speaks for the first time by saying, in tears, not wanting to hurt anyone. But when it was borne of his feelings, Aspros strikes again with a blow to the head, freeing it from the control of the evil star. And promising he will save by eliminating his captors.

Earheart is surprised; the star of Heaven Deterioration is very powerful, and his mission was to bring the call of the high Hades to ensure that you awaken, and against this appeal will alone is not enough. The specter Aspros therefore does not understand how he did it.

The rider smiles, explaining that it is through the brain that formula and the cosmos and the thought that he, being able to control it through the legendary shot evil, can do everything, so as to reach levels similar to a god.

Earheart includes; by acting on the brain, Aspros I made the girl deaf to the call of Hades, thus being able to save her from the evil star. Understood this, Earheart believes prevailing stop a man with such power before he can do any more damage, thus, shown his surplice, attacks him with his Crimson Cross.

But Aspros easily deflects the blow with Another Dimension, stating that a coup will not work twice against a saint. And, determined to carry through his promise to Chris, attacks with a powerful Galaxian Explosion destroys the entire ship.

What will the state of Ursula and Earheart?

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