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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dohko: Chapter 5S


Chapter 05S
Seeking The Truth

Chapter Bonus

In version Tankobon dell'Anecdote dedicated to the Knight of Libra Shiori gives us an Extra Chapter to show us why Dohko not become a Taonia. The beauty of the tables, however, certainly makes us want to learn even more ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dohko: Chapter 04


Chapter 04
Sad Eyes of Feiyan

Chapter 49 Total

After winning Mudan, joins the fight the same Bai Ze. The strength of Feiyan is devastating because of the power subtracted from the White Dragon and will put a strain on the heart of Dohko ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dohko: Chapter 03


Chapter 03
Mudan of the Sparrow

Chapter 48 Total

Hui defeated and conquered the trust of Liu Xing, Dohko is thus determined to break into Xian Jing Taonia to free from the tyranny of Bai Ze. But on the way the two intractable foes has not ended: Mudan's Sparrow, in order to please his brother Feiyan, is willing to do anything to stop them ..

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Lost Canvas MiniGaiden01: The Lost Memory - fanwork


The Lost Memory

Base Crew is pleased to offer this wonderful fanmade work that enriches the storyline built by Shiori Teshirogi. In this experimental and successful mini gaiden discover an important background information related to the God Cloth of Athena. There will be new and old friends ..

We would like to thank Franco Villa and Elisa Romboli , with the hope to see the continued series!

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dohko: Chapter 02


Chapter 02
Hui of the Nine-Tails

Chapter 47 Total

Liu Xing is not willing to change his opinion about Dohko, until it reaches a mission to Bai Hui Ze. Eager to redeem himself with the Tiger Fierce, shows its improvements that have led him to get to the highest spiritual level of the Fox, one of the Nine-Tails being started from Wild Fox. Not only that, Hui was also able to wear the Robe Ink, called Tattoo, and can not wait to confront Dohko donning the armor of Libra ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dohko: Chapter 01


Chapter 01
The Xian Jing

Total Chapter 46

It's been years since Dohko he returned to China, but has not yet accustomed to his new condition. His times have become longer, are now marked only by the visits of his friend Hao. But soon will have to prepare to receive guests less friendly, even coming from Xian Jing, Fairyland that Dohko himself considers his second home. Even more amazing when you hit the Knight of Libra will see the features of their ringleader, Liu Xing-..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden El Cid: Chapter 09


Chapter 09
Rusty Sword

Total Chapter 45

Phobetor is ready to the rescue, but Mine, revealing his new dream to El Cid, stimulates the Knight of Capricorn to pursue his path. The hardness of El Cid is dissolved in the moment of parting with his rilvale, however, thanks to Lacaille so far away but so close to the Golden Knight, will be able to hatch itself according to what is necessary to achieve the Sisyphus Excalibur.

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