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Saint Seiya Episode GA: Chapter 8


Chapter 8



In Tokyo, Shun is located in a bar drinking whiskey, with the barman who advised him to go slow, and, in fact, Shun stops, declaring Starsi slowly getting used to alcohol to drink with his brother the day it will review.
The barman says that Shun has not changed over time and asks him the real reason for the visit. Shun mentions the district of Shinjuku, asking if you really think if what has happened is only a gas leak as stated by the authorities. But the man replied that if he had not perceived the conflict between those two cosmos no longer deserves the title of Saint.
Shun agrees, and goes on to say that he met a Gold Saint of the Past; Shura of Capricorn! And he wonders what is going on and whether it is aware of the Sanctuary.
The man said that the past is changing, and maybe even their future. Shun then states that will go to the west, where he hears again two cosmos in battle, to control the situation and asks what he will do, his old comrade, Hyoga!
Meanwhile, in Kyoto, in the sacred land, Orlando says with satisfaction the golden glow of Shura armor and puts it to the test with his Holy Sword Tower, promptly saved Excalibur Shura.
Orlando is increasingly satisfied and is going to show its real power by changing the shape of his right arm. Shura is surprised to feel the strength and the evil aura emanating from the swordsman.
Orlando is now ready to fight with all his might, as Orlando, the swordsman crazy!

Saint Seiya Episode GA: Chapter 7


Chapter 7

Lama Indestructible


At the entrance of the temple, Yoshino is surprised that people, instead of entering, is coming out of great vigor, wondering what happened. Aiolia, however, he has already guessed, having heard a cosmos burn suddenly and warns the authorities to create a security perimeter.
Meanwhile, to the temple, Orlando sticks with his Drawn Sword, a terrible blow that destroys everything around him. Shura is surprised by the force of this blow, feeling all the blood and the power contained in the sword of the gladiator.
Orlando goes on to say that the shot was just a greeting and that from now on he would seriously to launch their sacred battle to enact the strongest swordsman. But Shura replies saying that the search for greater strength is worth nothing without a higher purpose. Words thrown back from Orlando to the search for greater force is just what most sacred there is. That said, it attracts tens of swords of light, which combine to blow Holy Sword Tower that breaks down everything that's around him!
Shura is ousted on until the Golden Pavilion to seven kilometers away, surprised by the strength and the speed of the attack.
Orlando is quick to reach complimenting be able to avoid the attack and, on his arrival, found the Capricorn with finally wearing his armor. The real battle can begin!

Saint Seiya Episode GA: Chapter 6


Chapter 6

The Sacred Land

Lancelot speaks with a man, describing his battle with Capricorn, he still calls his King Arthur. The man does not comment except that he can not wait to face it, thus declaring that he himself a gladiator. Lancelot proposes therefore to face a duel at that time, but the man leads, the most interested in this curious rider that says the meaning of the name Shura; warrior god.
Kyoto Station, Aiolia accompanies Yoshino not want to leave alone as an objective of the Faceless. Yoshino accepts it, but does not understand why they had to come to Kyoto. Aiolia responds that Shura sent him a message telling him to go there, Yoshino who is surprised that the people sent Saint phone messages like normal people.
Meanwhile Shura is to Kiyomizu-dera, the sacred ground of Kyoto, with Kokuto, annoyed by having to travel by train in a cage like an animal any.
Shura is approached by a man who recognized him as a tourist. Man offers to show him around, telling him of the history of the place; built 1,200 years ago, the place was originally a burial site, where many people have died in more until it becomes sacred ground, just like the 12 Houses of Athens ...
Shura, alarmed by that last statement, intimate man to show up, realizing it is a gladiator. Kokuto confirms him, reminding him that it is for him who went to Kyoto. Shura congratulated the man to be able to hide his aura, but could not even conceal his gaze, the gaze of a murderess.
The man smiles at that, because the man in front of him broke many lives with his blade, a blade of tainted blood as his Durlindana, the blade indestructible.
Kokuto understand who they are, a knight of the European myth once in the service of Charlemagne, holding a sword imbued with four sacred relics that make it indestructible.
He confirms the words of the owl wearing their armor and presenting himself as the knight Orlando, ready to begin their duel!

Saint Seiya Episode GA: Chapter 5


Chapter 5

The Chain of Andromeda


Pluton, he severs the faceless men's lives, proclaims that will soon take the lives even of the three before him. But Shun him para before, that he hates so much fighting and violence, he decided to stop to ensure that it can no longer harm anyone.
Pluton mocks him because a poor man can not stop him and blocks his attack with the Evil Eye, a shot spiritualistic blocking the opponent.
Shun and stuck in the body, but tries to defend itself by putting its chains of the cosmos to the defense. The defense, however, too weak to counter Pluton. Shura understands soon and asks Shun why not wearing his armor, why not wearing the armor of Andromeda able to defend it.
But Shun reveals no longer in possession of such a cloth, and fought until then to strengthen themselves without enough to wear the cloth that Athena has given it; the golden armor of the Virgin!
Richiamatala, Shun wearing posing as Shun, the Golden Knight of Virgo!
Yoshino and Shura are surprised, especially that known as the Shura armor is different from that known to him.
Only Pluton not surprised, indeed, even more so mocks the opponent, sure I can beat even wearing golden armor.
But a nebula blocks it, it's powerful attack Shun; the Andromeda Nebula!
The blow annihilates the enemy, doing even more surprising Shura. That the gold saint of virgo this time is, as Shaka, as close to the gods?

Special chapters and Lost Canvas Episode GA


In the October issue of Champion Red came out a few extra dedicated to spin off Saint Seiya including two special chapters of four pages of Lost Canvas Episode GA and that we are going to summarize.

Lost Canvas

We are after the Sacred War. Yuzuriha Yato is trying to get used to everyday life by teaching him to fish, but the boy does not want to not endure the worms. Yuzuriha forces him by force and Yato, despite himself, is preparing to do so imagining the same scene with Tenma to his side. In his imagination he can easily Tenma as Yato always saw him do, and envy him for that. Taken by the thought, Yato you realize you have caught a fish, rejoicing of the incident, he feels a hand on his shoulder and compliments of Tenma. Yato whirls around, but saw no one, then, smiling, thanks friend disappeared.

Episode GA

At the sanctuary, Shura met Kokuto, the owl oracle of Athena. The owl tells him about the new danger and that only he will face, having been chosen as a murderess as already bearing a similar mission in the past. Realizing the gravity of the thing, Shura agrees to follow it, even if it means going through a traitor, following her toward a distant country; Japan.
(More ...)

Saint Seiya Episode GA: Chapter 4


Note; the chapter is only twenty pages instead of forty.

Chapter 4

Silver Cord


In the darkness, a shadow moves extolling verses of an ancient poem. Elsewhere a man becomes aware of being, realizing that his presence means the end of a life.
Yoshino finds himself in a hospital, brought by Shura to make sure of his condition after the fight. Shura apologizes, because having met even now she will be a target of men against which fights; the killers of the guild "The faceless".
Yoshino does not understand, but suddenly materializes a silver thread tied to his neck that appeared to be from nothing trying to sever. That being part reads, Shura understands that it is Pluto, the god praised in his Divine Comedy as the one who severs the silver thread of human life. Pluton agrees, he is now a faceless, and gave up his humanity to cut lives.
Shura locks preventing sever the wire Yoshino mocking him for the fact of passing himself off as a god, when it is nothing but a murderess.
Pluton does not move, agreeing again that yes he is only un'assassino and that is the task that lies there, to kill them!
A newcomer blocks the shot being new, is the doctor of the hospital, who asked him politely to leave.
Shura immediately clear that this is not a male common, feeling a great cosmos come from him. The doctor confirmed him by name and saying I already knew in the past. Shura is surprised, because he does not remember having ever known.
But the doctor stopping Pluton with chains of the cosmos, says that their meeting is in the past for him, but in the future for the Shura, and looks like Andromeda Shun, there rushed to his aid!
Time is apparently mixed because of the struggle against Chronos, what will happen now?

Saint Seiya Episode GA: Chapter 3


Note: The number of Champion Red Ichigo containing this chapter is the last, because the magazine closes its doors. Apparently, the serialization of G will continue on the web, of which the next chapter is expected by October.

Chapter 3



Lancelot and Shura are facing each other, ready for a fight to the death. Pregustandolo, Lancelot laughs, and when the Capricorn asks the reason for his laughter, the gladiator was reminiscent of the mythological, where for his infidelity with Geneva, was banished from Camelot, but for his beloved, then killed all knights of the round table, except one, who now finally finds himself before; its king, Arthur.
But Shura replies that it is not her king and that the face to prevent him from doing other massacres. But Lancelot goes on to say that it is very time looking for opponents to deal with, and to take in the castle of happiness, where he met with Geneva, the castle that is now on the ground.
At the station, Aiolia is still with Yoshino, notanto his hunger, the picks of Instant Ramen which then warms the cosmos. Eating Yoshino asks how it is possible that she was able to see the monster arsonist Aiolia and admits that it was invisible to ordinary people, therefore she must have a special power, a power called the cosmos. And after having explained what, Aiolia invites her to reach Shura, worried about what is going to happen.
Returned to the square, Shura observed urban construction, fearing that it may be the castle appointed by Lancelot, but the gladiator confirmed that this is a false construction, in representation of the weakness of men and it will be there that will compete in the arena to demonstrate their powers, to prove which of them is the strongest.
Shura does not agree with this statement, for him increased power only for themselves is worth nothing, because the force exists only to protect others, this is called "Justice".
But Lancelot mocks the ideology of the rider, and is ready to destroy beginning with the rider!
With all his strength, Lancelot materializes his sword, the Holy Sword Embodiment, to add it to blow Holy Sword Tower, creating a huge cross of light that throws Shura.
In the distance, Aiolia, sees the cross of light and witness the destruction created by his breaking with the ground. Wondering who created her, answered by the owl of Athena; to do so was a gladiator, the enemy of Shura and also Athena.
Including this one, Aiolia reach the square, seeing the laughter of Lancelot that mocks his king that the end was not so strong, then contact the new rider for nothing frightened by having to deal with. But Aiolia stops him, because his opponent has not yet fallen.
From the ruins, it follows Shura without helmet and wounded, but not at defeated, much to refuse the hand offered to him by the young lion.
Lancelot is excited to see his opponent still standing, so he can still extend their struggle. So happy, the gladiator replicates the previous attack, but this time Shura blocks it with his bare hands, and I decide to show him the value of justice, breaks the cross due to its sacred sword; Excalibur.
Lancelot is both surprised and happy to see the strength of the opponent and, disappearing into a vortex, he declares that their greeting is finished and promises to see him again soon.
Left alone, Aiolia hands helmet Capricorn understanding what the true enemy of Athena, but when he tries to explain Shura, Aiolia confirms that he remains his murderess, because this is his mission. But if these gladiators are really enemies of Athena, once defeated, the rider could be forgiven, so he decides to follow him, to help him in his battle in the name of Athena!

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