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Saint Seiya Episode GA; Chapter 22


Chapter 22

Ali d'Oro


In a place without time and space, Sigurd screams of anger and sorrow for the defeat. Orlando and Alice, the blame for losing and, above all, for having damaged his sword. Sigurd claim Dance, thanks to which you can fix it, but the two meet that need a special permit to do it. The next scream of Sigurd is truncated by the arrival of a male with golden wings, he recalls what the rules of a gladiator. Sigurd apologizes, asking again, more submissive, the possibility of a Dance. The man replied that he will forward the request and reminded gladiators not to reveal their true power until the right time.
Meanwhile, in a parking lot, a transvestite Hyoga meets with his informant. Man greets Hyoga with heat, then immediately scold him for calling him by name when prefers to remain incognito as "Mama". Hyoga apologizes and asks for information on his work. Mama runs one of the shops Hyoga, but in the past he worked as an informant for the police, and immediately responds to the rider saying that in some quarters there is agitation for a new organization called "The Faceless" not affiliated with anyone. Hyoga thanks friend heading in one of the places given to him, with Mama that recommended not die. But Hyoga, as a knight of justice, does not have any intention.

Saint Seiya Episode GA; Chapter 21


Chapter 21

The Land of the Future

Shura rescues Shiryu, passed out after the last attack, praising him for his bravery. Before him stands Sigurd, dripping blood and hatred for the rider that has reduced to that point by breaking his sacred sword. The Knight claims to have run a dance to save his own sword, catching the attention of Shura who would like to learn more. But Sigurd mocks him for his ignorance and disappears meditating revenge.
Shura, still doubtful, reply to anything that he is a warrior of hope, ready to fight even to defend the land of the future.
Later, Shiryu awakens, while a boy pressed the vital points to heal. Shiryu, wondering whether or not it was able to show its value in Shura, thanks the guy showing up. The boys answered that already Shura had saved him and explains that he intervened to ask him to participate in the tournament between swordsmen like him to fulfill the instruction given by Athena. Shiryu asks his name, but he says only to be under the orders of Athena, and he will fight in the tournament along with Shura.
Elsewhere, Shura meets in Yoshino and Shun, with the doctor who wants to know if he met his friend and how he found it, but Shura does not respond, preferring to give way to the dinner, but in his heart, praising the new defenders of Justice.

Saint Seiya Episode GA; Chapter 20


Chapter 20

Just Try

Shura is witnessing a great clash with Shiryu, Golden Knight of Libra, the attack with a powerful Rozan Shoryu-Ha, in comparison with the defense with arms crossed in Sigurd!
The defense is successful and the coup Shiryu breaks against it, leaving the rider more wounded. Sigurd is surprised that he wants to keep fighting, asking why, but Shiryu answers just not going to let go of the opportunity given to him by the gods to fight between past and present.
Not understanding his words, Sigurd attacked again with the dozens of spears created by his sword Gram.
Shiryu, decided not to give answers with the maximum available to him; the sacred sword Excalibur! With which breaks all the spears of Sigurd. How will end the conflict?

Saint Seiya Episode GA: Chapter 19


Chapter 19

Heroes of Tomorrow

Sigurd, unconcerned that it faces a gold saint, attacking again with his sword that Shura now be known as the claws of a dragon.
Shiryu avoids fatigue with the attack, and was partially affected, but to the surprise of Sigurd, the rider can hit him in turn. Sigurd understands; the rider is able to attack without the need of sight!
Sigurd asks him since he is blind, and Shiryu replies that it is an old injury that comes and goes, but it is not because of what hit him, but thanks to the promptings of their friends.
Shiryu hears them; Shun spurs him to his feet, Hyoga to go ahead, Ikki to incinerate the enemy, and finally Seiya reminds him of when they were young, when they fought for justice and sorpattutto to become the heroes of tomorrow!
With their words to heart, Shiryu attacks with a powerful Rozan ShoryuHa!

Saint Seiya Episode GA; Chapter 18


Chapter 18


Sigurde warns the two knights, because now that he wore his armor, the battle will not last long. While Shiryu does not move an inch, Sigurd prepares again his shot, which still amazes with Shura of his power, but the gold is also known that a shot does not work twice against a knight.
Unexpectedly, however, the dozens of blades launched Sigurd, begin to turn in a swirling on themselves, becoming faster and more lethal and making it difficult to determine their trajectory. Under the astonished eyes of Shura, the blades should be scored against Shiryu disappearing amid the rubble. Now Sigurd is ready to eliminate the other opponent, but Shura stops him; not yet his turn.
Meanwhile, Yoshino remained in the city, complaining of how Shura has disappeared suddenly and thanking Dr. Shun to be there in his place. Shun replied that it was the same Shura to ask him to be her escort in his absence, and that as a saint never rests. Yoshino praises him as a representative of justice, but Shun replies that any human being who is committed to someone is a representative of justice as much as him, while having no power.
Returned to the battlefield, Sigurd is surprised to revise Shiryu again stand before him, protected by a new, shining armor; the armor of Libra!
Shura is always safer qualities of the man who sits in front of the Golden Knight of Libra!

Saint Seiya Episode GA: Chapter 17


Chapter 17

Dragon Tattoo

The man just Came To complain of the failure of the Faceless, which forces him to intervene personally. The man draws a sword that does recognize the two as a gladiator. The man confirmed, presenting his sword, born from the fragments of Gungnir, the sword of Odin. The sword rebuilt and filled with anger, is also un'ammazzadraghi, having eliminated in the past the dragon Fafnir. It is the sword Gram Odin, then passed from hand to Siegfried and finally to his son Sigurd; that is how the gladiator wearing his armor.

Shiryu is surprised at once cosmic man, recognizing him as a cosmos certainly divine. Sigurd again generates a myriad of spears that come together in a single shot, like the scaly tail of a dragon. Shiryu arises again in front of Shura to protect it with his shield, but the Capricorn points out that a shield of the cosmos is not enough to stop such an attack. Then Shiryu prepares to get serious stripping and showing his tattoo to the gold dragon.

Shura understands the tattoo that he who before is not an ordinary man, but someone who can act as a pivot between good and evil; a feature typical of a single knight gold ...

Shiryu drew his armor; what will?

Saint Seiya Episode GA; Chapter 16


Chapter 16


Shura congratulates shiryu, declaring that now his sacred sword has become a sword-killing dragons. Shiryu not as much weight to the thing, explaining once that the sword in his possession the Shura had just from the point of death, apologizing for having been the cause. But Shura does not want to feel well, what is going to say is the future for him, so he does not want to know.
Shiryu is surprised that it is therefore come from the past, but the Capricorn replies that there also may have come from a parallel universe, no one knows for sure, except that it is the will of Athene that he is there ...
The hooded man who had spoken against the dragon, suddenly appears, stating that Athena has done well to send him there, because something is going on that will endanger the entire planet.
The two right away, telling him to reveal his identity, but the man smiles volendoglielo instead show.
In a destructive vortex, materializes the Holy Sword Embodiment, a spear of energy, as a symbol of swordsmen to which man belongs. The man looks like a spear of his grandfather, who breaks into a multitude of other spears directed towards the two. Shura is concerned, doubting sense to keep all but Shiryu planted himself in front to repair it.
Claiming to want to protect, the Dragon materialized a golden shield that protects both stopping the attack of man, who smiles, ready to wear his sword.
A new battle is upon us!

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