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Aldebaran Lost Canvas Gaiden: Chapter 2


Chapter 2
Fist of Honesty

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At the Sanctuary Aspros Sisyphus and converse about the possible revival of the Giants and the fact that Rasgado has been sent on a mission to stop it. Aspros doubts Knight two years ago when he could not even save Ilias and Regulus in America. But Sisyphus has confidence in the Knight of Taurus, and is sure that will complete its task.

Rasgado compares with the giant Cor Tauri, twice the size of him, under the shouts of children who hail the giant. Rasgado is frustrated, not only by the taunts of the children, but the fact that Cor Tauri not want to hear it. The Knight is not, in fact, there to deal with it but to ask for his help. Annoyed, he tries to stop the opponent with his Titan Break, which seems to invest the giant. Among children, a small Selinsa pounced against blaming the defeat of their patron, but Cor Tauri is not defeated and replies with his Ichor Nova, knocking the ground on the two.

Rasgado finds himself in the famous labyrinth of the Minotaur in the company of a contrary Selinsa. The child, in fact, believes that Rasgado is bad having engaged battle with his master, who in the past has saved you from this labyrinth where her parents had abandoned her. But all Rasgado has other intentions, and its mission is, in fact, reinforce the seal of Typhon, and to do that, he needs the help of Cor Tauri. As the little girl says, Cor Tauri is actually an automaton created by Daedalus to protect the ancient island of Crete, and to give his life was the Ichor of Zeus enclosed in his heart, and it is just this' Ichor that Rasgado need to strengthen the seal on Typhon. Suddenly, Cor Tauri burst onto the scene in search of Selinsa, the automaton looks shabby and prey to sudden flare-ups. Selinsa Rasgado explains that the automaton is old and no longer able to manage his own power, this avoids fights. Rasgado has now understood the feelings of the automaton, and more determined than ever to convince him to his cause, he takes a fist full of the Giant!

Rasgado Lost Canvas Gaiden: Chapter 1


Chapter 1
The Star Giant Two Men


Chapter 58 total

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We see images of a volcano and a knight facing a giant: it is a dream. To do so is Teneo, which became the new Gold Saint of Taurus! Six years have passed since the end of the Sacred War and Teneo, having attained the strength to get the armor, is engaged in the reconstruction of the shrine, feeling that he was unfit for the armor of his master. Even the inhabitants of Rodorio help in reconstruction and, at that moment, we see a cart hosted by our other old acquaintances. At the wheel of the wagon, in fact, we see a grown Selinsa, who now takes care of orphans in the country, and at his side Agasha, the daughter of a florist, leading herbal medicines for the sanctuary. The girls are surprised by a landslide, but a knight comes to their rescue by protecting them with his Great Horn! Selinsa is happy and surprised to see Teneo wearing the armor of their old master, but the greetings are sent, because the area is still unsafe, and they must leave.

Later, Shion, the new High Priest, convenes Teneo to entrust a mission. It has, in fact, received a letter from the Pope informing him that the seal on Etna, which imprisons Typhon and his Giants, is weakening. Shion therefore decides to send Teneo on the spot. The boy, though scared of facing an opponent so powerful, agrees. The next day, before leaving, he visits the grave of Rasgado, finding Selinsa that has been able to Shion of his mission. The girl begins to tell him that fourteen years before, Rasgado also faced the same mission, and she knows it because he knew exactly at that moment. At the time, Selinsa dwelt on the island of Crete, protected by Cor Tauri, which Rasgado faced before visiting Sicily.

Lost Canvas Asmita Gaiden: Chapter 1


Chapter 01
One who Seek God

Chapter 54 Total

We are in the Underworld, the land of Hades. Among the desperation of the poor damned who are in that place, there is a new figure. His name is Ahimsa, a young man of Indian origin, tortured by the Skeleton, bothered by the fact that it does not behave like the other dead. The young man loses an arm, but the whole thing attracts the attention of a shining figure: the Gold Saint of Virgo Asmita. Asmita gets rid of the Skeleton with a wave and then linger on the deceased, not only intrigued by the fact that he maintained his personality, but because he seems to know it, and in fact Ahimsa recognizes him. The setting changes, go back in time than eleven years, where a young Ahimsa was arrested for stealing food to take her sick mother. Regardless of his motives, the guards put him under house arrest in a temple of ascetics, forcing him to go hungry as they do. Not understanding the reasons for the ascetic life and eager to return from his mother, Ahimsa is an encounter with a strange child, who reads him his fears and sorrows. This baby is Asmita: he also, through hunger, seeks to understand the meaning of suffering men; amplified compared to the other ascetics as lacking vision.
We return to the present, with an Ahimsa increasingly confused about his status and the presence of the deceased in that place also Asmita which should involve the death of the Gold Saint. But Asmita is present only in spirit form as in charge of a mission, the explanation of which is interrupted by a new arrival. This is the Spectre Kagehoshi that, while interposing between them, not showing interest to the Knight, since, as far the awakening of Hades, finds no reason to engage in battle. In fact, the attention of the Spectre is all for Ahimsa: has awakened the Eighth Sense. Kagehoshi the claims in the name of his lord Atavaka, the Spectre closer to the gods. The Spectre is precisely the reason for the presence of Asmita in the Underworld, so try to get information from Kagehoshi. The Spectre refuses attacking, getting just a quick defeat. Aiming to find its target, Asmita is going to face the underworld, taking with him Ahimsa, being the guy object of interest of the enemy. Elsewhere Atavaka receives the news of the death of Kagehoshi and the presence of Asmita, but, not at all intimidated, order another one of his subordinates to deal with it. But this Spectre does not consider his subject: his only goal is to burn the enemies through his black flames. Kagaho Bennu is going to face Asmita of Virgo only for himself!


Scans MQ and HQ; Translation ENG and FRA

Regulus Lost Canvas Gaiden: Chapter 7 5S + Anecdote


Chapter 05S + Anecdote 7

As usual, in the version Tankobon dell'Anecdote dedicated to the Knight of the Lion, the Shiori gives some extra (you can find the link in the References at end of article), in addition to offering an Extra Chapter, including summary.

The Way

Regulus has just received the armor and enthusiastic, you immediately start to his new home. Has come down, a figure that stands out mistakes for his father, standing it in his own meditation pose. But it is not his father Ilias, but the Golden Knight of the Virgin Asmita who suffered rebuke for its noise. The Young Lion did not take it and, indeed, presents with excessive enthusiasm. Asmita scolds him again about the lack of respect that should be in one of his superiors. Not at all offended, the young look more closely at the Knight and asked him if he was stronger than him. Asmita contends that, although he never faced another Golden Knight in direct conflict, it certainly is. Regulus understands that this is true because it sees in him the qualities of shamanic father. Asmita is impressed by the new Leo, but merely to remind him who is in the Sixth House and must therefore continue its descent. While Regulus by leaving apologizes keeping his cheerfulness, Asmita understands that he knew the person who will be the Cavalire Golden Lion strongest of all time.


Chapter 5S HQ Impaginato in ENG; Cover + Extra HQ dell'Anecdote 7
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Regulus Lost Canvas Gaiden: Chapter 4


Chapter 04
He who governs the Light

Chapter 53 Total

Lord Cruach is before Conor and Leo Young, his power is at its height so that the god Balor has now awakened in him. We are so involved in the memories of ancestral god, when he fought for the defense of their land and, above all, Ethlinn daughter, who was waiting anxiously at home. The girl was happy to come back victorious and rescued from his recurring battles, but soon was horrified by the atrocities committed by his father, much to betray him by means of his son Lugh, the winner on his darkness. Balor therefore recognizes Conor and Regulus in the light of his nephew, and his old enemy, infastiditone, recalls his black armor, a manifest sign of the return of his full powers. Forte them, unleashes the power of his evil eye ravaging the forest and hitting full Regulus, ertosi in defense of the girl. On the ground, but happy to have defended the new friend, this time Conor is trying to defend the Knight by the arrival of Balor, who sees in her the purity of the ancient daughter. This is not enough to stop him, much to the life of the lady groped again. Again Regulus stands in his defense, the girl decided to defend at any cost. Armed with this new belief, facing the new attack Balor with a rabid Lightning Plasma, where Balor recognizes the spears of Lugh who defeated him in the past and again perform the miracle. The God of Tebevre and his malevolent eye are so defeated and the father of Conor appears one last time to thank them and to ensure that her daughter will always be with her. Convinced that he had taken another step versa knowledge of the world of his father, returns to the Sanctuary where Regulus reveals a young Athena High Priest and the lesson learned in Celtic land, that the dogma of the Knights: protect neighbor.


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Regulus Lost Canvas Gaiden: Chapter 03



LCI staff informs you that due to the achievement of the publication of the Italian Gaiden by Paninicomics, the Crew has suspended the full translation and layout of the original Japanese chapters.
We begin, therefore, by today to present a summary of the chapters, detailed information, consult, as always, for the purchase and reading of the volumes will be published soon in comic books :)

Chapter 03
The Shadow of the Father, the Light beyond it

Chapter 52 Total

We left our young lion while he is forced to escape from the castle of Lord Cruach, defeated by his power of darkness. Conscious of this weakness, the young knight asks Failinis to teach him to fight with what they call "magic". Failinis, albeit not a warrior and a druid, you agree attacking him with his sword of light. The results are not positive: Regulus, convinced of having a close look at this power to figure it out, can only bring harm to his view. During a break, Regulus is affected by the attitude of Conor who, despite having just lost his father, he tries to force himself smiling at life.
Shortly after, the forest in which they rifiugiati fills with groans and the two young people can see a ghostly laundress in tears on the edge of a basin of water. Conor, looking better, he realizes that it is not simple clothes, but of Failinis and stabbed the woman crying is making the plunge into the water. The woman turns out to be Banshee, sent by Lord Cruach to kill them. Regulus, who was unable to defeat it and the thumb of his attacks, he flees into the forest to rescue his two new friends. But to protect them must face the Banshee, often offering the shots of the woman. Until, exhausted, remember the teachings of his father and is finally able to see the flow of light in all things, as he had repeatedly tried to teach him Failinis. Including this, can see also the flow in the body of the Banshee, until that moment intangible to his attacks. The new capacity shows off a new technique, the Lightning Crown, which defeats the Banshee. but on his return he found the smile of the little Conor, but Lord Cruach, who came to claim the last descendant of Lugh, the Young Lion will be able to save her?


First Half of Chapter Impaginato by Base Crew
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Regulus Lost Canvas Gaiden: Chapter 02


Chapter 02
The Sorcerer of Darkness and the Messenger of Light

Chapter 51 Total

Regulus wants to avenge the father of Conor, mindful of the pain he had felt at the time. But Cruach, through the power of Balor, it shows a bone too hard. The young horseman Leo will have to find unexpected help ..

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