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Saint Seiya Episode GA: Chapter 1


We present in this article the first chapter of the new manga Megumu Okada Episode GA, followed by Episode G, which ended last year (and which the final volumes are forthcoming here in Italy). Published in the magazine Champion Red, the work will have every two months and is expected to recount events that occurred after the end of the G.
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Chapter 1
The Murderess of Assassins

In the night, in a hotel in the city of Shinjuku, a man talking on the phone with his boss, scolding him of wanting to put the blame of a corruption scandal. He is the secretary of a political, and not have time to say more, being hit by an explosion. The explosion involves a student who passes by, scared to distinguish a figure shrouded in bandages come out unscathed from the fire.
Later the special team of police arrived on the scene to investigate reports this to a hooded boy, revealing that the only clue they have is a "S" as the initial culprit. The boy, who hides a Pandora's Box, perceiving the Cosmos of the enemy, is ready to delete it.
Meanwhile, the student, finds himself in the subway, hailed by the mummy before he calls her by name; Yoshino Hino.
The mummy is revealed amazed that she is able to see her, existing for more than 3,000 years in the form of spirit. The mummy reveals also possess the power to inflame the men, who uses power as a professional murderess. Not wanting to nosy around, he attracted Yoshino in the deserted subway.
Fortunately Yoshino, however, a man followed the mummy. She knows that she has been to kill the secretary being in the pay of political and, guided by the owl who on the shoulder, went there to punish him.
The mummy is again surprised, but not at willing to be hit, attacking with its Human Spontaneous combustion! A technique capable of causing spontaneous combustion in the body of a man to reach a temperature of 1000 degrees.
Yoshino is startled to see his savior die so easily, but the owl reassures her, because her partner is not the type to be defeated so easily.
In a golden glow, in fact, the man gets rid of the flames, revealing his armor and posing as Shura, the Golden Knight of Capricorn!
The mummy is surprised to note the existence of the Knights, but Shura replies that currently follows only the Justice, through the owl his partner, who lays out the goals to be deleted, as the mummy, which destroys Shura with a single shot Excalibur!
Yoshino would like to thank her savior, but Shura replies that it's best if you forget the incident, the surprising newcomer.
The boy who spoke with the police, in fact, is just Came To Shura asking if you really want to let the girl go after what he saw. Shura, imperturbable, says he's sure of the sincerity of the girl who will not betray him, and, seeing the long, asks if he is the man that the Shrine sent to kill him.
The boy responds affirmatively, asking him why he left the Sanctuary without the permission of the priest, a clear gesture of betrayal.
Shura replies that in reality he is continuing to follow the law, but he is not convinced, because it remembers the deeds of past Knight as the murder of his brother. Shedding his disguise, the boy as his own armor, revealing himself as Aiolia, Knight of the Golden Lion, came there to order the High Priest to kill the traitor Shura!

Saint Seiya Saintia Sho: Chapter 8


Chapter 8

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Mii is determined to confront any threat to Saori and attacks the newcomer with his spinning kick Angel Splash! But Emony avoided the attack and, revealing his Leaf, the armor of Dryadi red as blood, looks like Emony of Malice, and attack with his Nightmare Scheme!

Hundreds of butterflies surround the body of Mii, but are not butterflies, they are actually lobelia, flowers that have taken root on his body resulting in dry energies. While Mii starts to feel the effects of his stroke, Emony mocks her to trust Athena, a goddess so weak suffer nightmares. This shakes Mii, determined to defend Saori, who, though in his weaknesses, giving it his all to protect human love. Bearing this in mind, the attack breaks Emony and hitting with his Heaven's Maelstrom!

Meanwhile, Jabu defeated Toki and is about to finish it if it were not for the intervention of the Saori which, welcoming the boy dying in the arms, apologizes for the sufferings that he endured. More serene, Toki goes out in his arms, while his body expires in dozens of flowers. Mii, just coming up, explains that they are snowdrops, and that in the language of flowers signify hope. Saori, in fact, reminiscent of the one hundred boys sent to become saint by his grandfather, and the fact that many of them, among the sufferings, could not help but cling to the hope, but because of the seeds of Eris, even one small weakness can land them in his hands as the poor Toki and this will not allow it!

But a voice mocks the air; Eris is, awakened in the body of Kyoko!

Eris laughs at Athena for its weakness, remembering when sealed in the golden apple in her hand confining the galaxy. But now it is back, he recalled the chaotic era of men, ready to dominate on their weaknesses. Jabu tries to stop her, but was soon brought down by the goddess, who then does the same with Saori that as not yet fully awakened, can not oppose its power. Eris so plans to make her captive in his temple, consuming its energy thanks to the golden apple.

From the sky, however, it comes as a meteor unexpected aid is involved; Shoko is, catapulted there by Mayura who perceived the danger to Athena! Shoko has not yet completed his apprenticeship, but is now again before her sister, owned by Eris that does not recognize it. But the meeting produces unexpected fruits, the totem of Equuleus fact resonates with the cosmos of Kyoko, who is awakening counteracting Eris, apparently not fully awakened.

From the depths of his soul, Kyoko urges her sister to fight and, thanks to its cosmos, it helps her to wear for the first time the armor of Equuleus!

Weakened, Eris runs, while Kyoko continues to incite sister, understanding, promises to protect Athena!

Saint Seiya Saintia Sho: Chapter 7


Chapter 7

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Vice and Virtue

Saori has a dream about his past life as Athena, which reigned in the sanctuary on the knights, but in this dream intrudes Eris, suggesting that it is useless to guard the humans because they will always be in conflict, then you might as well enjoy the show from Heaven. Saori says that she will always fight on their side, but Eris mocks her, because in fact his hands are dripping with the blood of the dead knights for her.

Saori wakes up from the nightmare, exhausted and thoughtful about his fate.

Elsewhere, Shoko is still a prisoner of the seeds of evil, blossomed thanks to his wishes. Mayura, to stop her, hits her with his technique Hisen Hajakuchôsen, with which exorcises evil. But, as a result of his destiny, Shoko can still fall prey of evil imprisons her in Bangôsenseki, a rock seal of evil.

Inside Shoko suffering, wondering why they can not have desires, here the skulls greet each other, because they recognize it as an evil spirit to their peers. Shoko is there and, in remembrance of the sacrifice of his sister, he realizes that his destiny is not written, and she will do it. With these sentiments in the heart, sweeping away the evil spirits and gets rid of the rock.

Mayura congratulates her for being able alone to use the Cosmos, this is because you want to turn into a positive conviction, that can give men a great power. Including what, for Mayura Shoko can reverse their fate and help you do it!

A villa Kido, Mii cares about Saori that looks very tired, asking whether it is for the preparations of the upcoming Galaxian Wars, but Saori unresponsive.

Outside the small Emony Saori observes, wanting to see the sworn enemy of his mother. Not considering it a great danger decides to pass the time by playing a little 'with her, thanks to a seed of evil that is about to blossom.

At the entrance of the villa, Jabu stop a guy who was entering, recognizing him as Toki, one of the hundred children who like him were sent around the world to become knights. Jabu greets him happy to see him and asked him where he got armor. But Toki did not get armor and full of hatred for the Foundation so that it did suffer converted to the goddess Eris reborn as his ghost!

Jabu, then attacks him to defend himself, but Toki gets up easily, saying that it has obtained a power greater than that of a saint.

Meanwhile Emony you are enjoying the show, when behind him appears Mii who discovered it. Emony not flustered at finding herself against a waitress, but Mii shows off his armor ready to fight with all his might!

Lost Canvas Gaiden Sisyphus: Chapter 4


Chapter 4
The Promise

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Chapter 66 total

Sisyphus is before her brother, Ilias Lion, the strongest and respected knight of the shrine with the proposal to abandon all retiring in a remote and peaceful.

Sisyphus can not believe it: his brother, and his teacher, can not make such proposals. Believing another illusion Alkhes attacks him, but Ilias easily repels the attack with his Plasma, throwing the young Sagittarius ground.

Now Sisyphus assured that that's his brother, but rejects his invitation wanting at all costs to protect others, but Ilias disagrees. He saw his oracle that Sisyphus lose himself betraying the Sanctuary and is not willing to accept it. But noting that the brother does not want to follow him hits him with a powerful Lightning Crown that also devastates the forest.

Sisyphus it is invested and feels that his own armor was injured in the soul: this is the power of Ilias that nature itself bows to him. Alkhes also perceives in the distance, blaming the Lion for not being able to express your feelings.

Ilias, again wearing a Sisyphus, invites him to follow him leaving the Sanctuary, but Sisyphus does not want to give in; made a promise to Aspros and Rasgado, and has plans to build the future together with them! With this promise in the heart, he launches Cheiron's Light Impulse at full power, but, to his great surprise, Ilias walks among us as if nothing had happened.

Blaming him for his choice, Ilias unleash all the power of his Eighth Vista, throwing the spirits of the forest of Sisyphus dilaniandogli armor. Sisyphus them suffers, but is not going to give in and, seeing a way as he had done with his dark alter ego, the take by attacking his brother. To his great surprise, however, Ilias spitting blood from his mouth, and not for a blow.

Thrilled, Sisyphus asks explanations to his brother, who responds by saying that they have tuberculosis. His fate is now written, his quest to overcome the senses has weighed on his body to the point of getting sick and now he did not remain for many years more. But Earth has said he will return in another form, and is a Sisyphus who wants to entrust the new self, and it is for this purpose that put him to the test.

Sisyphus is in tears, unable to accept the fate of his brother, but Alkhes, just coming up, promised to take care of him and complimented for having stood the test, he gives him the manuscript with an oracle that will be beneficial for Holy War . Sisyphus accepts him asking her if her future will be bright, the Pythia replied that the future is a ramification of events it depends on our actions and he'll with its decisions in writing. Conscious of this, Sisyphus is a new promise to his brother, that is, to take care of his heir and drive it into the future.

Back at Sanctuary, it turns out that the oracle shows a small Italian town, of which one does not understand the meaning for more than ten years. In the same period, while Sisyphus is in the company of Rasgado feels his armor resonate; It is the armor of the Lion to call!

And while Rasgado includes the small Regulus is still alive, Sisyphus rushes to seek to fulfill its promise!

Saint Seiya Saintia Sho: Chapter 6


Chapter 6

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Seeds of Evil

Shoko wakes up, confused, in a cave, in the company of Mirai and Shinato who present their teacher; Mayura.

Mayura was a saint, but now for reasons unknown is reduced to a vegetable on a wheelchair, being able to speak only through the cosmos by using as a pheasant.

Mayura Shoko asked why he wants to become a Santia, and when he discovers that it is only to save his sister warns her about the power of desires. The riders do not follow personal interests, but the common good, in most desires can lead to greed and malice with it, to which the girl is tied because of the Goddess of Discord.

Meanwhile, in a temple, Ate observes Kyoko, trapped inside a large tree waiting for the awakening of Eris in her.

His sister Emony interrupts complaining about having to wait for the awakening of the mother before going into action. His brother Phonos agrees, offering to take care of the riders suffered as a gift for awakening the mother. But Ate is a different view; Athena knows that is far from the sanctuary, at that time governed by a traitor, and he knows that soon an internal war will shake the ranks of the knights, and only then will intervene.

Agreeing with this, the three witness the blossoming of the seeds of bad products from the tree and around the world to generate new conflicts.

At the sanctuary Milo Scorpion witnessing the fall of the seeds on the world, and with him Aiolia, and both perceive the danger, but know they can not move without an order of the High Priest that is hard to get.

Saori and Mii also see the seeds fall, understanding what they mean. And Mii, in addition to concern about this, also expressed concerns that his partner Katya, which have gone missing.

Meanwhile, Shoko and others are having dinner, when one of those semi strikes Shoko animating his dark desires to wear the armor to have the power to save Kyoko. Mayura and feels firm, and warned that if they will seek to undermine the sacred armor with his malice, will be forced to deal with it.

Lost Canvas Gaiden Sisyphus: Chapter 3


Chapter 3
Arco and Rope

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Total Chapter 65

The Oracle reveals to Sisyphus that if he wants to read the manuscripts of the future will have to first overcome his dark side, born precisely those manuscripts that will be Sagittarius itself to interfere in the plans of Athena, hurting her and her companions, and finally surrendering evil.

Sisyphus can not believe it, but does not have time to counter the Oracle, as the Dark Archer attacks him with his arrows of darkness. Relentless, Sagittarius continues to hit without allowing a moment of breath, but Sisyphus not want to believe he represents the future and attacks him with his Cheiron Light Impulse!

The attack appears to have effect and Sisyphus, by faith in his teammates, he directs the Oracle ready to deny it, but the Sagittarius Dark para him again before blaming him for his weakness due all'affidarsi always to others. That said the rails against the dark version of Cheiron.

Sisyphus, invested by the blow, think back to when he met for the first time Ilias discovered to be his half-brother. At the time, in an attack of the Black Saint, Sisyphus was going to the aid of his friends, trapped by fire, too weak to pull away, but decided to protect them, he had been rescued from the power of Ilias. At that moment he was born in him the desire to gain strength from Knight to protect all those who were dear to him.

Strengthened by this memory, Sisyphus again faces his dark side, who still blames him for his doubts and threatens him with the black arrow of Sagittarius. Sisyphus responds with the golden arrow but hesitates for fear of not succeeding. A voice urges him to seek his own way not with the eyes but with the soul, seeking his path to follow. Sisyphus, closing his eyes, he sees it, a path punctuated by his teammates, and conscious that the path he has chosen will be difficult not flinch not fearing nothing but to become like the Sagittarius in front of him. Strong of this, throws the arrow defeating Sagittarius dark, which complimented his willpower.

Sisyphus, however, does not have the time to enjoy it, because Ilias, the author of the item that has spurred, the stands before making him the last question; Sagittarius would be ready to abandon their armor to retire to a peaceful place with him?

Lost Canvas Gaiden Sisyphus: Chapter 2


Chapter 2
The Oracle

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Total Chapter 64

At Sanctuary, Sage drew just invested Sisyphus to entrust the task to go to the Oracle of Delphi in order to chidere gods about the outcome of the next Holy War. But this is part of the plan to test Ilias Sisyphus so that defeat their dark side. Sage still do not fully comprehend the choice of Leo, but he understood his illness lung demanding an explanation from the quiet Golden Rider.

While Sisyphus heads out from the Sanctuary, she hears the voices of the other apprentices who are not surprised of his investiture, not because of his skills, but believing recommended as brother of the Knight of the Lion. Annoyed by what is quickly reassured by Rasgado and Aspros that compliment still on its achievement, promising that they too will soon reach.

Encouraged, Sisyphus reaches Delphi, where a forest is attacked by some wolves that lands involuntarily. Wolves headed the Oracle, explains how Alkes, the current Oracle she also appeared in the guise of a wolf. Excusing the incident, Alkes offers to make him the road, along with his friends. To his amazement, in fact, Sisyphus meets Rasgado and Aspros with their fittings!

The two explain him being just been invested and have followed him in the mission, and then suddenly attack him violently. Sisyphus is amazed, wondering whether or not an illusion. But the two do not leave you time to do other things, starting to shower him with shots and blaming him for his character, considered unsuitable armor he wears.

Ilias still thinks back to the sanctuary to the last words of the High Priest and confirms himself the intention of helping his brother to improve in order to play the part in the Holy War that he can no longer play.

Still in the throes of the battle with the two, Sisyphus tries to react, when he is surrounded by so many himself who insist on wanting a normal life instead of a Knight. Sisyphus would silence them, in being attacked violently by two companions. Determined to prove that pasta is done, the young Sagittarius responds with his most powerful blow by canceling the illusion.

The reappearance of Alkes the confirmation that everything was his illusion to test him and, now that has passed, it is ready to show its future.

Inside the temple, in front of the true form of Alkes, Sisyphus sees himself with a Surplice him. Why is this the vision seen by the Oracle, Sagittarius past the forces of evil!

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