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Lost Canvas 123 in Italian


With the impending arrival of OVA (domani!!), We resume the production of works with the Chapter 123 enriched by a precious bonus ;)

As always, the work can be downloaded from here .

Eurox - The Realm of Athena ~ Lost Canvas Opening


E 'available for download from the opening of Lost Canvas Anime.

Performed by Eurox, the title is The Real of Athena.

Good Download!

The Real of Athena

Anime Lost Canvas - Trailer and Opening


Lost Canvas Anime - Download Screeners


The first two Lost Canvas OVA came out in theaters these days and already you can find on the web screeners.

The quality of the screener is very low, but you can already appreciate the great quality of work.

You can download them from these links:

First OVA -> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=53SLL55W
According oav -> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5KFAGZCK

All this as a preview on what will produce dvdrip subtitles.

Fans of Lost Canvas Saint Seiya and your time is coming!

Designation Final Ending of Lost Canvas OVA


Here is the song that will accompany us during the closing credits of Lost Canvas.

Lost Canvas - Chapter 122 in Italian


Base Crew has released Chapter 122 :)

As always you can find it on the tracker on emule or by direct download .

Happy reading!

Lost Canvas - Chapter 121 in Italian


Base Crew has released Chapter 121 :)

As always you can find it on the tracker on emule or by direct download .

As a bonus, a beautiful color of Mizar82!

Happy reading!

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