Chapter 100

The eruption

Dejel Aquarius goes to the place from which he heard the strange ruomori. This is the Celestial Palace of the Scorpion. The Eighth House sees his guardian sadistically torturing an Specter, Zellos Frog. Dejel asks his companion, Cardia of Scorpius what he is doing and the Knight replied that he had captured the frog in order to extract information, but the victim has no dignity, no useful information on how to climb to the Lost Canvas. Dejel Cardia told that they had a mission to Athena to go to Blue Degree, a land that gave him birth. When asked to accompany him in the cold northern lands, Cardia refuses, but changes his mind when it comes to spare by his friend what is the goal of the expedition: to deal with the spirit of the god Poseidon to get something, appartentente Emperor of the Seas, which Knights can help you reach the fortress of Hades. The prospect of fighting against Poseidon attracts the Scorpio, which starts immediately without hesitation as well. On the Island of Kanon, meanwhile, the demon tells Tenma what will be the ultimate test of his training: will stop the eruption of the volcano's main draws. Pegasus protest, believing themselves incapable of such an undertaking, but its unique mentor reminds you that if you can not fail to keep the resolutions to become stronger and protect his friends. The lava flow, caused by the same demon Tenma begins and remains alone. The boy remembers when he managed to stop the flood of his village and what we learned so far on the island. Flooding his body with his cosmos succeed in subduing the volcano and to stop the eruption. With great effort, Tenma succeeds in its intent, but falls to the ground exhausted. Then the demon reappears and loads it on his shoulders, taking in the other hand the chest armor of the student. Surprised at the progress of the boy, the man sits down next to the casket. It reveals the spirit of Asmita unexpectedly. The late Knight of Virgo shows that he is a friend of the demon and calls him deuteros, his real name. Asmita is said amazed that his friend has trained an unknown, but the demon laughs, saying that I did just for fun. Turning serious, Virgo says he is trying to awaken fully the Eighth Sense even if it is in the afterlife and please his friend, whose strength is such that blowing up an entire galaxy, to abandon the island and get on the field battle, even to fight in his place. Deuteros left alone and, after telling Tenma, still unconscious, to take care of that armor, he turns away. Pegasus wakes up and discovers soon after having succeeded in its intent and to have found the Armor