Chapter 3

One who transcends humanity


Chapter 73 total

Under the eyes of Aspros, a surplice is placed on the body of Chris, the surplice Ketus Star Of Heaven Decadent!

Aspros understands well that the desire to Chris on his back was not just that, but a seal by her father in an attempt to hold back the evil star, seal now broken by Earheart.

While Ursula laughs happy to see the much-desired surplice, Chris Aspros attacks with a powerful blast of water. The knight can not understand the transformation of the girl, suffering the blow, but also sensing something.

Wipeout Aspros, Ursula summons her sister, enjoying his power and trying to take the armor, but not only the surplice is not removed, but even Chris, unconscious, attacking his sister choking her in a bubble of water.

A blow to the head stops the specter; Aspros is determined not to let Chris in those conditions. Reminding his desire not to hurt anyone, the blame for being so meekly provision of a star and evil, remembering his duty as a saint, says that if this is the kill. Having said that counteracts the new shot of Chris generating a galaxy in miniature.

But the whole thing was just a diversion to attack Earheart, as Aspros has realized that he is to control the young man, who in fact act now to protect it.

In contrast, while the young man to get to the specter, Aspros guess what the girl is suffering in failing to object to the possession. But unperturbed, Aspros mocks her, saying that you do not need to cry against fate, why is not anyone's fault for what he is doing, if its not, because it is only you who can decide what to do with his life.

The words of the knight are downtown, and the girl speaks for the first time saying, in tears, not wanting to hurt anyone. But when it was borne of his feelings, Aspros strikes again with a blow to the head, freeing it from the control of the evil star. And promising her that he will save by eliminating his captors.

Earheart is surprised; Star of Heaven Deterioration is very powerful, and his mission was to bring the call of the Supreme Hades to ensure that you awaken, and against the recall will alone is not enough. The specter then Aspros not understand how he did it.

The knight smiled, explaining that it is through the brain that formula and the cosmos, and the thought that he, being able to control it via the legendary shot diabolical, can do everything, so as to arrive at a similar level to a god.

Earheart includes; acting on the brain, Aspros I made the girl deaf to the call of Hades, thus being able to save her from the evil star. Understood this, Earheart believes reigning stop a man with such power before it can do any more damage, thus, shown his surplice, attacks him with his Crimson Cross.

But Aspros easily deflected the blow with Another Dimension, stating that a shot does not work twice against a saint. And, determined to carry through his promise to Chris, he attacks with a powerful Galaxian Explosion destroys the entire ship.

What will the state of Ursula and Earheart?

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