Chapter 1


Chapter 71 total

A boat approaching a ship at sea, on board there are two people, a frightened girl and her servant, directed towards those who can help them.

On the ship, in fact, is waiting for Aspros, Gold Saint of Gemini, who immediately offers them tea to rest. For the mouth of the servant, Aspros learns that the young man named Chris Walden, youngest of the family Walden climb to the nobility because of their enormous wealth. The problems for the family were born when Uncle Chris has disappeared along with most of the family. Following this, the sister Ursula has changed eventually seek help from the forces of evil; the Spectre of Hades! Thanks to them has murdered his father and tried the same thing with the younger sister, in order to take possession of the assets of the family. The young man managed to escape and is now asking for protection from the Sanctuary sister.

Aspros heard everything calmly, but is not satisfied, the young Chris, in fact, he never opened his mouth and Aspros has decided not to fight for her until she is just ask her.

His answer, however, is stopped by a boom, one of the soldiers of the ship called Aspros because of nothing came out of a pirate ship attacks them.

The pirates are driven by Ursula in person, which sends her in search of her sister. Pirates collide with so aspiring knights on the ship, who are defeated and drained of energy. Aspros, just Came To, defeat them quickly, noting that the pirates are able to absorb energy by the touch of the hand. Determined to learn more, climb aboard the pirate ship, face to face with Ursula Walden.

Ursula admired the strength of the Knight so much to offer him a place among her, but refuses Aspros: not for sale for little money and therefore urges her to show her demon. Ursula smiles, even more eager to have him, announcing that Earheart Vampire Long-lived Star of Heaven is already there.

At that moment, you feel Aspros grab the back on the neck, feeling the energy drain. Surprised, recognizes that the Spectre, admiring the strength, he asks politely if he can step aside in the family dispute. But Aspros there is, will have many flaws, but always brings out a mission, and so saying he opens the Another Dimension in an attempt to get rid of the Spectre. Earheart compliments again for his power, but he will not be defeated so easily. Suddenly, a cross appears in the sky, tearing the dark dimension of Aspros, then release slashes of light directed to the ship, with the Knight, which flows towards it trying desperately to save the occupants.

Returned to the pirate ship, Ursula laughs for easy departure of Cavaliere. But Earheart warns, because a Golden Knight can not be defeated so easily. Ursula did not listen to him, reminding him of their pact that will help you to grab the legacy of Walden and not only that.

Meanwhile, on the shore, Aspros managed to escape, taking with him the young Chris. And while you sincere in his condition, Aspros discovers her secret; the girl is dumb!

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