Chapter 11


Star Traitor

Ate of Ruin, the strongest among the Dryads, stands in Scorpio Milo, a knight of gold. Determined not to let him reach the uterus of the mother, Ate attacks him with his Million Hatred, trapping the knight in a tangle of brambles.

Milo mocks the power of dryad, which is not saying much, but Ate does not move, it is in fact for five years waiting to take revenge on scorpion, since prevented the revival of Eris.

Milo realizes that she is the old woman who stopped five years ago, wondering how did you rejuvenate. Ate replied that it was the evil in the world to nourish and strengthen it, and thanks to the energy of the Eris mother will become stronger along with the other Dryads, which will take the place of the men denied them at the time of the myth by Athena.

But Milo laughs again, saying that although it poses to be superior, Ate is only taken by his lust for power. Ate, harassed, attacked him again, but Milo gets rid of brambles, saying that he too has become stronger in those five years, and hits her with his Scarlett Needle, Antares coming soon!

Elsewhere, Shoko and Mii feel a burst of cosmos, and Shoko increasingly concerned for the life of her sister.

Meanwhile, the uterus of Eris, came Ate, dying, trying to gather more energy from Eris, but Rigel's firm, the Ghost does not want to weaken further fact that the mother and incinerates with blue flames, surprising Milo just Came To.

The knight is the familiar face of Rigel, and then recognize it as the old silver knight of Orion, of which it was said that the force was equivalent to that of a knight of gold.

Milo is surprised that he too has succumbed to the deceptions of Eris, but Rigel is not impressed, he is there for a personal reason and not allow itself to be influenced by anyone. Having said that, he hurls his Ignis Fatus, of blue flames that prevent Milo to pass, flames Rigel is ready to scagliargli if you dare strike against Eris.

Here, Milo realizes the true intention of the former Saint; Rigel does not want to protect Eris, but his body, Guest!

But Milo does not care, he is ready to make sacrifices to bring down the evil represented by Eris, and will not stop even in front of Rigel.

Before the eyes of Shoko, just had been made, is about to begin a new battle between knights, who will win?

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