Chapter 2

The Evil Sword of Betrayal

Someone moves in the Shinjuku neighborhood, looking for someone; his king.

In the station, Aiolia and Shura collide shots of Lightning Plasma and Excalibur, startling the poor Yoshino.

The two Gold continues to hit each other with no holds barred, with Shura who asks Aiolia right where he wants to go, the young Leo answers that will go to the bottom, forcing Shura to engage in a war of the Thousand Days!

But the oracle owl's shoulder Shura stops him, in fact, is not that Aiolia with the swordsman must confront, but the real enemy is at the Shinjuku district.

Shura understands and asks Aiolia until it did clear, Aiolia, looking grim, says that has until midnight. Then Shura asks him to postpone their fight, swearing on Athena that he will return to face him. But the young lion is not enough, it's about her brother Aiolos who must swear, only then will trust him. Shura nods and swears on the memory of Sagittarius and then say goodbye once mitted armor.

While moving away, Shura asks the owl if Aiolia can at least tell the truth. But the owl replies that she is an oracle of Athena and as such must remain a secret.

Coupling to the district, Shura is greeted by newcomer, which defines "his king." Shura is surprised and insists he is not the king of no one asking the man's identity. The man persists in calling him king, apologizing for the fact of having once betrayed him, because he is Lancelot, the one who wields the sword of the betrayer Arondight, which was once used to kill the knights of the round table!

Lancelot goes on to say that now is a gladiator without a master, with the sole purpose of strengthening its sacred sword, and can do so only by breaking other sacred swords, until it will remain one; her.

Shura understand where the man wants to go, and presenting as a knight of Athena again and wearing armor, is preparing to welcome the challenge of ancient warrior.

Lancelot smiles, happy to be able to start the war, but Shura insists that he is a saint, therefore only fights in the name of peace.

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