Chapter 4


Chapter 70 total

Deuteros, gold coated Armor of Gemini, perceives the immense power and, thanks to it, manages to destroy the weapon Kakalo!

Everyone is surprised by Dégel to a revived Ema, but the only one who does not care about this incident is Aspros, which still observes all from afar. Because he knows that now the game will be tough, as the Genro Mao Ken who has dealt begin to make a real impact.

In fact, the look of Kakalo darkens and his body comes a new energy. Nothing daunted by the loss of the weapon, Kakalo grabs what's left of it and throws it against Deuteros, which receives a new strength inside. Then, before he can get up, Kakalo the falls on trying to sink the weapon in his body. Deuteros, impressed, you know what happened to Kakalo that starts blathering heads and the salvation of the lost brother. Then, in amok, Kakalo unleashes the full power of flames Ares, sweeping away everything around him.

The arena burst in flames, between which stands a battered Ema. The Berserker hear his brother talk to collect heads, to save himself and his brother, just as they had done in their past. Then he sees it, Kakalo destroyed all the Berserker headless arena, in search of a head can take. Ema tries to reason with him, telling him that he is there safe and sound, but Kakalo does not recognize him, seeing in him only a head can take.

Deuteros saves last Ema, who asks him why he, an enemy he did. Deuteros however, warns him about Kakalo; his brother, in fact, is not in itself, but fell victim to a shot that enslaves prohibited until it has a head at his feet.

Ema mocks him, if it's a head that needs to save his brother will give his quietly! Deuteros is surprised and asks why Ema continues to be the shadow of his brother. But Ema mocks him again, he is neither light nor shadow, should only the life of his brother and now will repay the debt.

At that moment, Kakalo appears behind his brother, hitting him in the chest, but Ema is quiet, and reaffirming the concept to un'allibito Deuteros, is decapitated in front of them.

A head was taken and the Genro breaks under the screams of pain of Kakalo, which achieves to have eliminated his brother.

Between tears of blood, Kakalo addresses Deuteros, revealing that his brother Aspros was to break the seal that imprisoned them and to operate it as a puppet to take the life of Ema. Now he wants revenge, starting with the Knight in front of him!

But Deuteros not be intimidated, and he decided to no longer be a shadow, contrasts the Berserker with a powerful Galaxian Explosion!

Still on the boat, Aspros notes the end of the Berserker, noting that it is not yet in a position to make best use Strike Evil.

At that moment, the armor of Gemini appears in front of him transported by Dégel, who informed him of the victory Deuteros who then broke the dimension in which they were imprisoned and asked him to bring back the armor, which Dégel made following the resonance with the his armor.

Aspros, not at all intimidated, it is surprising that Dégel know his brother, asking him if he is a good person. Dégel replied in the affirmative, adding that even so like him is actually very different. Then greets him by telling him that once he returned from his mission will be announced the successor to the High Priest, wishing him good luck. Having said that disappears, leaving Aspros to smile to himself.

Arena, a tired Deuteros, observes two skulls on the ground next to each other, when Dégel approaches him informing him that he had done what he asked, stressing, however, that it would be for him in Armor as chosen by itself. But Deuteros contends that the armor was entrusted to his brother and that he has not yet abandoned, wondering in his heart, which will now be the path that must be taken.

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