Chapter 3


Chapter 69 total

Under the eyes of all, Kakalo, Ema's brother, comes back to life in a swirl of lava, sparking the happiness of his younger brother, sure, with his brother at his side, will have easy reason of the Knights.

But something unexpected happens; Kakalo hits a betrayal brother Ema!

Kakalo he did it to punish him for being defeated by a knight, a wonderful brother in life that she had never seen him act like that. Similarly, Kakalo unleashes his flames and his weapon hitting the other ghosts of the Berserker up to point to the Knights.

Deuteros is affected by the attitude of the Berserker, does not understand why he hit his brother, their brother who believed so much in him. Reviewing himself in these events, Deuteros is not quite ready at dodging the fiery weapon of Kakalo, which stands in front of him.

Dégel would intervene to rescue her, but Ema the stands. And when the knight asks him why he continues to protect his brother despite what has happened, Ema replies that he must still life and that will never cease to follow him.

Meanwhile Kakalo, in front of Deuteros, admires the willpower, citing the fact that he lived like a shadow until then and now erga in battle despite being without armor.

Deuteros replies that he does not care if he has no armor, pleasing the Berserker who says that from now on will speak only the strongest and attacks with his Predatory Lava!

A river of lava affects everyone, even Ema, again blamed his brother for having been beaten yet.

Dégel rushes to the aid of Deuteros more vulnerable without armor, creating a barrier of ice. But the lava is too strong even for the ice Dégel wondering why still have not been able rescued from the Sanctuary. Suddenly understood: it is Aspros that has separated the entire arena bringing in another dimension, making them only to face the mighty Kakalo.

Aspros, still on the ship, confirmed the words of Dégel, having transported the whole arena in the Another Dimension. And not only learned prohibited without the Genro Ken Mao, he used it on Kakalo, curious of its effectiveness on a ghost like him.

At that moment, Aspros sees the armor of light Gemini at his side, is the good part of the helmet that cries for Deuteros. Aspros includes, revealing that it is not true that does not prove anything for his brother, but its purpose is biggest and most important to pass up. Suddenly, however, a stronger light radiates from the chest.

Arena, Dégel feels his armor resonate, then amazed, to see the whole armor of Gemini enter the arena managing to win the dimensions due to resonance with the armor of Aquarius.

Then, to his amazement, the armor is placed on a Deuteros confirming the eyes of Dégel as worthy of being a Golden Knight!

Aspros, watching everything from afar, is not surprised, the armor has acted on his desire to rescue his brother, but for Aspros is not a problem, in fact it is the last piece of his plan.

Deuteros recognizes the wearing armor that he admired his brother and now, thanks to it, stands back from before Kakalo breaking up the weapon with one punch!

And 'This is the strength of Deuteros protected by armor d'Oro, but Kakalo is always under the influence of Genro and will not stop until his death or his enemy; how to end the conflict?

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