Chapter 2
The Poor Man's Wish

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Chapter 68 total

On the ship on which he is embarked, Aspros think back to the vision seen by Pizie: him in Surplice and with eyes blood-thirsty confront his brother dressed Golden Armor!

Unable to accept such a view, Aspros eliminated Pizie without repentance, because conscious that the armor of Gemini chose him and therefore has no reason to deviate from the chosen path.

Meanwhile, at the Arena of headless ghosts Berseker have awakened animated death. And while Dégel recognize them wondering who was able to break the seal, Deuteros perceive a faint trace of the cosmos that strengthens his suspicions.

Suddenly, a huge explosion overwhelms them, hitting them with his flames. Dégel stands up strong protection Armor, but Deuteros not protected in the same way, suffered severe burns.

Among the cries of the Berserker, stands a man, dressed in armor and with a bag full of heads on their shoulders, offering her a gold coin.

Since its appearance, and by the shouts of others, Dégel understand who it is: Ema is of Jamadhar, who with his older brother Kokalo of Buhj represented the pride of the regiment of Ares Flame!

Glad to be recognized, Ema launches their heads infuocandole, aiming to Deuteros, hard-standing for burns. But the heads crystallize before reaching the sign: it was Dégel chen protected him, surprising him as yet suspect in the disappearance of Pizie. But Dégel reiterates that he believes innocent and, although still want information from him, in that moment prefers to fight at his side.

But Ema does not allow time, sticking with the flames of earlier countered by Freezing Shield of the Knight of Aquarius. To the surprise of Dégel, however, its ice has the worst, because the flames are those of Ema give Him his god Ares and no ice can stop them! His second attack, however, is hampered by Deuteros, who rushed to the aid of Dégel, struck by the fact that trusted him. And although you still do not want to give information about the Pizie, is willing to fight at his side to give a new path in his life, separating it from that of his brother Aspros.

These words hit Ema, who blames him for wanting to move away from his older brother, something he would never do. In fact, remember how a long time ago was forced to fight in an arena to the death and how he had been saved by his older brother Kokalo, with whom he has since continued to fight under the aegis of Ares protecting each other. For this can not forgive the Knights of Athena have him beheaded before his eyes!

Even more animated than before, Ema attacks with the same flames that have thwarted Dégel, the Cremation Storm!

But the flames did not reach their destination: a distorted dimension, in fact, has dispersed protecting Deuteros. Dégel recognize him: it is the Another Dimension, and also recognizes the next attack, the Galaxian Explosion, which defeats Deuteros Ema and earn recognition in the eyes of Dégel to be worthy Armor of Gemini.

But the final attack of Deuteros is stopped by a newcomer; is Kokalo, whose head was again united to the body, determined to defend his younger brother once again!

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