Chapter 6

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Seeds of Evil

Shoko wakes up, confused, in a cave, in the company of Mirai and Shinato who present their teacher; Mayura.

Mayura was a saint, but for unknown reasons it is now reduced to a vegetable in a wheelchair, being able to speak only through the cosmos by using it as a pheasant.

Mayura Shoko asks why he wants to become a Santia, and when he discovers that it is only to save his sister warns her about the power of desire. The riders do not follow personal interests, but the common good, in most desires can lead to greed and malice to it, in which the girl is linked because of the Goddess of Discord.

Meanwhile, in a temple, Ate observes Kyoko, imprisoned inside a big tree waiting for the awakening of Eris inside her.

His little sister Emony the stops complaining about having to wait for the awakening of the mother before going into action. His brother Phonos agrees, proposing to take care of the riders suffered as a gift for the awakening of the mother. But Ate is of a different opinion; know that Athena is far from the sanctuary at that time governed by a traitor, and he knows that soon an internal war will shake the ranks of the knights, and only then intervene.

Agreeing with this, the three attend the flowering of the seeds of evil from the tree and around the world to generate new conflicts.

At the sanctuary Milo Scorpion witnessing the fall of the seeds on the world, and with him Aiolia, and both perceive the danger, but they know that they can not move without an order of the High Priest that hard to get.

Saori Mii and also see the seeds fall, understanding what they mean. And Mii, in addition to this concern, also expressed concerns that his girlfriend Katya, which are untraceable.

Meanwhile, Shoko and the others are having dinner, when one of those semi hits Shoko animating his dark desires to wear the armor to have the power to save Kyoko. Mayura hears and stops her, warning her that if she tries to corrode the sacred armor with his malice, will be forced to deal with it.

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