Chapter 68

Scans and Dialogues on the Forum


The Emissaries

At the Seventh, Dohko rejects attacks Tenma and Shun, determined not to retrace his steps, but something else is going to bother him. At his house came, in fact, a snake, and the rider understands what it means; Suikyo fears have come true and he does not know what to do now!

Meanwhile, Ikki goes along with the Fifth Death Toll, still tangled up in a ball and enjoyed the stay in that state. Even in their way intrudes a serpent, carelessly deleted from the Phoenix, under the fear of cancer, who knows what that being represented.

But Ikki does not care and is presented to Kaiser, the keeper of the Fifth House, scaring her lion Goldie.

At first, in the meantime, Shion feels that something is happening and, in fact, a snake is also present in front of him. He is an emissary of the Golden Knight Ophiuchus, about to return to take Athena's head and takes the help of Aries, which rejects with indignation. But the serpent insists, because the knight of Ophiuchus is a god as much as Athena and will stop at nothing!

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