Chapter 3
Bow and Rope

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Chapter 65 Total

The Oracle tells Sisyphus that if he wants to read the manuscripts of the future will have to first defeat his dark side, born precisely from those manuscripts that will be Sagittarius itself to interfere in the plans of Athena, hurting her and her companions, and finally yielding to evil.

Sisyphus can not believe it, but do not have the time to refute the Oracle, as the Dark Archer attacks him with his arrows of darkness. Relentless, Sagittarius keep hitting without allowing a moment of breath, but Sisyphus does not want to believe he represents the future and attacked him with his Cheiron Light Impulse!

The attack appears to have effect and Sisyphus, by faith in his companions, he heads the Oracle ready to deny it, but Sagittarius is presented in the Dark again before blaming him for his weakness due all'affidarsi always to others. Having said this he rails against the dark version of Cheiron.

Sisyphus, invested by the blow, remembers when he met for the first time discovering Ilias be his half-brother. At the time, in an attack on the Black Saint, Sisyphus was going to the aid of some of his friends trapped by the fire, too weak to pull away, but decided to protect them, had been saved from the power of Ilias. At that moment it was born in him the desire to gain strength from Knight to protect all those who were dear to him.

Strengthened by this recall, Sisyphus again faces his dark side, who still blames him for his doubts and threatens him with the black arrow of Sagittarius. Sisyphus responds with the golden arrow but hesitates for fear of not succeeding. A voice urges him to seek his own way not with the eyes but with the soul, seeking his path to follow. Sisyphus, closing his eyes, he sees it, a path punctuated by his teammates, and conscious that the path he has chosen is not difficult does not hold back, fearing that the other might be with Sagittarius in front of him. Stronger than that, he hurls the arrow defeating the dark Sagittarius, who complimented for his strength of will.

Sisyphus, however, do not have the time to enjoy it, because Ilias, the author of the entry that has spurred on, the stands before making the final question; Sagittarius would be ready to abandon their armor to retreat to a peaceful place with him?

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