Chapter 5


The mountain Togakushi

Mii is waving Shoko, decided to leave to become a Saintia. Mii Togakushi sends it to the mountain, where he is a master of saint and cautions; the path to become a knight is very hard and potentially deadly, more usually it takes five years to become one, while Shoko will have to do it in no time. But the girl is decisive and not down, waving smiling Mii, which continues to be concerned for her.

Shoko arrive at the mountain, feeling the peace that reigns there and complaining about the weight of the chest armor, entrusted with the task of Saori to earn it. During the journey is surprised by two guys, Mirai and Shinato, students of the teacher that bar the passage. Apparently, the teacher does not form knights and the boys do not understand how can she, not a saint, possess a treasure chest. Shoko reveals that it was Saori, that Athena gave it to him. But the kids do not believe, Athena is the Sanctuary and Saori do not recognize this as such, so the attack taking away the casket. But Shoko climbs the stairs by which they have thrown, determined to take back what is his!

Saori meanwhile, receives Jabu, who just returned from Algeria where he got the chest of the Unicorn, ready to show his skills in the upcoming Galaxian Wars!

Even Mii, which came, Saori meets him and asks if he is one of the hundred children sent around the world. Saori nods, then revealing that there are reports of ninety of them, then when the Mii inform the departure of Shoko, she also cares for her safety given the enormous difficulties in becoming a knight. But could not refuse the request of the girl, because she heard that came from the heart, and this can not be denied Saori humanity.

Meanwhile, at the foot of the mountain, Shoko compares with Mirai, who is determined to remove the casket denying the passage. The girl did not give up despite coming off again undermined by the shots of the two boys.

More over, the temple, and Mirai Shinato they brought with them a treasure chest of Equuleus, wondering if they have not overdone with the girl, but Shinato is not worried, even a weak one has heard of the cosmos inside her, and it's certainly not have killed her while still wondering how he could have a treasure chest.

To their great surprise, Shoko has come to the temple, though prostrate from wounds and, even more surprisingly, comes their teacher, decided to give a chance to the girl. Shoko be able to become a saintia?

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