Being rolled out at home, we summarize here the chapters on the last volume of Next, remembering that in Italy has just released volume 5 edited by J Pop.


We were left with Hyoga and Shiryu joints in the past, with the dragon immediately confronted with the younger version of his teacher and the revelation of the thirteenth knight gold Ophiuchus. In the clash between Shijima and Carinale the thirteenth, we get the basics of this knight at the time of myths, there was a thirteenth knight gold by the great powers, his power was so great that he came to defy the gods, who, for In response, the defeated eliminating any trace of him in the story as in the stars.
While in this Marin faces a possessed Shaina managing to defeat it in the past Dohko let your prospective student beyond the seventh house only to find themselves against a now-battered Suikyo, yet decided to take Athena's head, even if it meant killing the 'friend of a time!

Meanwhile, Tenma and Shun came to the sixth house, where they are stopped by his defense mechanism, the spirit of Shijima appears to ignore them in the world of silence, but unexpectedly comes to them a helping hand, the spirit of Shaka, issued from his blood present nell'armatura Andromeda!

Surprised at the arrival of the Golden Knight also able to transcend death, the two bronze can not, however, oppose Shijima, however, that attacks his future successor. Shaka responds with his own Tembu Horin, causing a terrible explosion. Both knights of the virgin use the most of their powers, Shijima, opening his mouth and eyes Shaka. Their powers emanate Ungyo, the sound of the end of the universe and the Agyo, the birth of the universe, creating something similar to the Big Bang that gave birth to the universe.
Shun tries to put an end to the battle putting himself in the middle, becoming recognized by the mouth of Shaka, as the successor of the cloth of the Virgin. Shijima halts the attack, convinced of the goodness of the intruders and praises his successor for his incredible strength.

The attack, however, has weakened the rider at the thirteenth, which is now at the mercy of the knight of the fish. Meanwhile, the seventh, the battle rages between Garuda and Libra, with Dohko who can resist the blows of his now exhausted from the previous fights. Dohko remembers the moments spent with his friend at the time of training and still can not understand why it is over to the side of Hades. Suikyo, however, is not in the mood to talk and unleashes his most powerful technique clashing with the Hundred Dragons of Libra! null Meanwhile, the priest leads the Cardinal with the heads of Shijima and Cardinal, but it's just a trick in which the rider who fell rushes back to the thirteenth, where Shijima wakes up in the company of a child, is Athena, success in part to reverse the joke of Chronos and now ready to fulfill its mission!

null The two are blocked by the knight of the fish, which, even in front of Athena refuses to recognize attacking. But Saori easily repels his attacks with Shijima defeating him and heading to the exit.
Meanwhile, the sixth house, Shun and Tenma have recovered finding the cloth Cup and heading to the seventh, where a new scene stands in front of them; Dohko who sings a poem to the fallen comrade. Suikyo is dead!

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