Chapter 64

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Shabadabada (....)

Vermeer's Griffin and his hosts are ahead of the two Saint, and Cancer already knows what to do; change sides passing again on the side of Hades!

Ikki is shocked and does not accept the explanation of Cancer who prefers to be on the side of the strongest, for so is getting ready to face the specter, easily wiping out six in the wake of the court. Vermeer is amazed by the strength of the rider, but does not believe him when he says he is from the future and imprisons him in his Cosmic Marionation ready to break his neck! But Death Toll intrudes, seeking to deal with the knight as a test of loyalty and send it to another dimension with his shot, Shabadabada ...

Vermeer is satisfied and ordered to escort him to the twelve houses of Cancer. Death Toll consent before asking us to judge what should Omerta with the coffin .... the court will fall into the trap?

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