Chapter 63

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Deadly battle in the Underworld

Death Toll, annoyed by the presence of Ikki, because very busy, lets go surprise the phoenix. When asked about why he does Ikki pass so easily, Death Toll answers to be engaged and not recognize it as an enemy. Not wanting to be in debt to him, Ikki offers to help carry his coffin in Hades ...

Here the two lead many coffins, Cancer has prepared for the specter that many are trying to get after the disappearance of the barrier of Athena. In fact, some specter Death Toll attack them and imprisons them in his bare, soon helped by Ikki.

Meanwhile, the seventh, Tenma tries to reason with Dohko, which hits him violently refusing to give up the idea of ​​betrayal, as long as Shun not the para is from before.

Even Hades, Cancer would like to thank the Phoenix aid, continuing by saying that they will still need, because now it is the turn of the best troops of the underworld headed by one of their giant, Vermeer of the Griffon!

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