Chapter 62

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The standard of rebellion

Shun and Tenma reach the seventh house, cialis generic equivalent suppliers where they find a Dohko in tears holding the corpse of Suikyo arms. Tenma while also mourning the death of his master, the surplice of Garuda abandons his body, so that, under instruction of Dohko, Tenma can dress him up with his real armor, the Cup!

At the castle of Hades, Vermeer and Pandora have the confirmation of the death of Suikyo with the arrival of the surplice of Garuda. Noting that Pandora orders Vermeer to attack the shrine with his troops. Meanwhile, the Seventh, Dohko claims to have perceived the feelings of his friend and he is ready to viagra no prescription follow in his footsteps. Stripping himself of his armor, said to betray Athena and the sanctuary, because, as the armor of the scale shows, now the sanctuary is no longer in equilibrium on justice, but on the strength, therefore betray other riders.

Meanwhile, the Fourth, a new visitor comes to his guardian; Phoenix Ikki is!

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