This month, the journal dell'Akita, Champion Red, have consumed the celebrations for the fortieth anniversary of his father's career of Saint Seiya. For the occasion, was launched a new manga "Kurumada Suikoden - Hero of Heroes" a crossover with the protagonists of the most famous works of mangaka, along with two special chapters of the spin-off the most famous, or Episode G and Lost Canvas, which there we go briefly to summarize.

Lost Canvas

We are at a moment before the departure of the army for Jamir, where Aiakos and his hordes attacked the saint in defense of the Ship of Hope. Tenma rushes from Sasha, spurring it to leave as soon as possible, but she lingers looking at the sanctuary, wondering when she can see him again. Understood this, Tenma slows down, looking at her and remembering all the past moments of childhood in which both fought for what they thought was right. And I'm ready to do it again, this time to save Aaron, whatever the cost!

Episode G

Lythos anxiously awaits the return home of the Fifth Aiolia, who has prepared the snack. The knight appears suddenly tasting it and asking the other. The reason for this, and its absence is a mission that has just been assigned; must go to Japan to take care of some riders who rebelled at the Shrine ...

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