Here we present the new manga universe of knights, Saintia Sho. Published on Champion Red, in place of finished Episode G, is signed by the mangaka Chimaki Kouri, already the author of a series Gundam. The series is about Shoko, Saintia of Equuleus (pony) and his battle against Eris.


At the sanctuary occur intruders, are the Dryads in the service of Eris, the Goddess of Discord, who, taking advantage of the weakening of the defenses of the sanctuary after the betrayal of Saga, attempt on the life of Athena. In fact, they have easy reason of the soldiers of the guard, but their aid comes a new fighter, which gets rid of the intruders with meteors that we know well, is Shoko, saintia of Equuleus, ready to defend Athena with her friends!

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