Chapter 3
The dryad Ate

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Kyoko, guard, suffered the attack of the head of the Dryads, finendone defeat. Inside the house, which is Shoko Mii fight dryads, with Mii that defeats thanks to the defensive barrier. Nothing can, however, against their boss, Ate the daughter of Eris, come in person to take the body of Shoko. Mii faces it but its defensive wall can do nothing against the force of Ate. Not even the arrival of Kyoko, survived with great joy Shoko the first attack, can do nothing, and the two saintie are at the mercy of the force of the opponent.

Saori comes to their aid, with a scepter in his hand of Athena, decided to give manforte to his warriors and defend Shoko. Ate is surprised, not only by his will combative, but especially by his weakness. Recognizes, in fact, in Saori doubts of human nature which limit the strength. Realizing that Athena is not yet fully awakened and the weakness of his warriors, Ate is happy because there is no better time for the awakening of his mother, so that you can dominate unchallenged on the world.

For girls it seems that there is no hope, but a light rushes to their rescue. And 'the treasure chest golden armor of Sagittarius! Aiolos has again transcended the barriers of death to defend their goddess! Will it succeed?

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