Chapter 2
The Saintie Athena


Scans and Dialogues on the Forum

Sho is shocked to recognize his sister Kyoko in the warrior in armor come to his defense. Kyoko is, in fact, the Xanthias of Equuleus and easily defeats the driade with its ryuuseiken, then hug his sister. The dryad, however, is not dead, but she thinks the timely arrival of the Mii that looks like the saintia dolphin, giving it the coup de grace. Along with her comes Saori also presented as the goddess Athena, which is the Mii that Kyoko owe obedience. Saori sincere conditions Shoko and invites her to spend the night at his home under their protection. How then to prove Mii, Saori has realized that Shoko is designed to accommodate the spirit of Eris, and that his dryads attack that night for this purpose. Shoko embraces her sister, finally understanding that his period of study was actually to become un'addestramento saintia. Later, at dinner, Mii explains the real role of saintie. As the saint protect Athena from enemies, but even they do, unlike the priestesses who must hide their femininity with a mask, they are not obliged to do so. As the personal servants of the goddess, her last act as a safeguard acting over 12 homes. Shoko is surprised but every other question is stopped by the arrival of dryads, he decided to take the girl. Mii stands in his defense, but Shoko is not going to remain on the sidelines watching and prepares to fight. Mii is surprised, not so much by a desire combative girl but from what she perceives it seems impossible, but Shoko seems to have awakened the cosmos!

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