Chapter 1
Shoko and Kyoko


In a dream we see the comet Repulse, the prison of the spirit of Eris, flying in the sky and a winged serpent chasing a little girl until the arrival of a golden knight to his aid. Shoko wakes up from the nightmare, pushing his father came into her room to wake her up. And 'in the morning and, after the usual karate training with his father, Shoko has breakfast remembering as always to her older sister Kyoko, game five years ago for a study program of the foundation Kido.

At school, Shoko finds out from a friend that Saori Kido, the founding president of the most powerful in Asia, of which the school is a part, will come that day to attend classes, having to cover compulsory education while studying at home. Saori, working with the organization of the Galaxian Wars, is not interested in following the lessons of school, but compelled by law, can not do otherwise. Shoko, discovering where he is, he rushes headlong into his chambers to ask her sister, but the door is Mii, secretary of Saori, which blocks the passage and pushes it away with a martial art unknown to the girl.

Not being able to continue, Shoko, we waive for the moment coming out for lunch, thinking to find a way to bring Miss Kido. At that moment, all his companions fall asleep and a strange woman appears before him. The woman looks like a dryad, who came to pick her up in his mother's name Eris, the goddess of discord, because the body of Shoko is intended to house the spirit of the goddess! Shoko tries to rebel, but the dryad is too strong for her, all of a sudden, though, a girl in armor comes to his rescue. Shoko can not believe in recognizing the girl, it is her sister Kyoko, Santia of Equuleus, come to defend it!

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