Chapter 5
Seeds are the Future

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Chapter 62 total

Rasgado has collected the promise of Cor Tauri, and full of his desires, he attacks with a terrible new technique, the Titan's Nova! Cor Tauri and the Giant are buried inside the volcano, with Enceladus meditating revenge. Among the ruins, Rasgado has a vision of a flowery meadow: it is the soul of Cor Tauri that shows the flowers that he has protected for generations and who entrusted him before rejoining to Europe. Rasgado agrees, deciding at that moment that he would have lived like a giant star, as the star Aldebaran!

Selinsa ends his story by saying that, subsequently, Rasgado had taken care of her and the other children, regretting, however, to his death in battle and fearing the same fate for Teneo.

The young bull is, in fact, begin to Enceladus. Although the body of the Giant has been sealed, the shot could not do the same with his spirit that, using the power of the heart dell'Ichor Cor Tauri, has built a new body with the remains of automata. Decided to use the power of Zeus dell'Ichor to free his body and become stronger, facing the young bull tempestandolo of shots, as revenge for the previous Knight who had sealed. Teneo is at the mercy of the enemy, failing to counter his incredible strength, but does not want to give up, even if it means losing one's life. At that moment, the armor shows the spirit of Rasgado praising him and urges people to give their best. Reinforced by the spirit of the master, Teneo will charge forward with all the force at its disposal, managing to hit the giant and tear the heart of Cor Tauri and Ichor with which he had revived. Without it, Enceladus is lost and the victory of the young Knight.

At the sanctuary, Selinsa awaits the return of his friend, Shion joins her by giving her the news of his victory. As she runs to welcome his friend, Shion says how Teneo has approached the strength of the master, and it is safe, certainly able to match him one day becoming a great knight.

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