Chapter 4
The Guardian

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Chapter 61 Total

The two warriors entered nell'Etna and between the lava and the ruins of ancient automatons used to create the seal, they find themselves in front of Enceladus, brother of Typhon and its vanguard. The Giant is eager to liberate their brothers and to return with them to the conquest of the earth, to avenge the gods who have them imprisoned, and shows his incredible strength to the two intruders. Rasgado try to stop him, but the Giant is too powerful. Cor Tauri comes to his aid and together they attack with their powerful strokes. But Enceladus replies with his Gigan Loud, canceling their shots and throwing them against the rock. The Giant is really beyond the scope of the two and, now sure of his victory, is ready to soar out of the volcano and to revise the sky again. Electric shock, however, stop him, Cor Tauri is that with all his body tries to stop him. Cor Tauri has unleashed all the power dell'Ichor enclosed in his heart and is ready to sacrifice themselves to reinforce the seal. With this decision, urges the knight to strike, to bury both in the depths of the volcano. Rasgado hesitates, knowing that there are people who await the return of the automaton. But Cor Tauri is not worried, because he knows that there will be a bull rider for them. By accepting this promise, Rasgado, is preparing to attack in order to honor the sacrifice of her partner!

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