Chapter 3
Those who Must Be Protected

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Chapter 60 total

Rasgado takes full direct Cor Tauri, resisting the coup. And 'his intention to convince the giant to help him and he'll stop at nothing! Cor Tauri, for its part, is the prey of his own power, beginning to generate lightning uncontrolled. Rasgado arises in defense of Selinsa, surprising both the child that the automaton, then, firm in his conviction, launches a powerful Great for Horn at the heart of the Giant. The blow has the desired effect and Cor Tauri has flashbacks of his past life, when he had begun to defend the island of Crete. At the time, the island was ruled by Europe, which took care of the people like her three children, but not only them, she also took care of Cor Tauri, considering it a mere automaton but not part of their family. This had filled my heart with Cor Tauri it was decided that more than ever to defend the seed of Europe, of the children of Crete. Remembered this, and thanks to the coup d'Rasgado, Cor Tauri unable to regain possession of their own power, containing an electric shock.

On the surface, the automaton reveals his decision to his children, saying that he intends to follow the Knight one last time to protect the children of Crete. The children do not want to stop them but Selinsa, having understood the feelings of the teacher, promises that it will continue to live as he taught.

Encouraged by this, Cor Tauri Rasgado follows the slopes of Etna, the entrance to the lair of Typhon, the two will be able to reconstruct the seal?

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