Chapter 2
Fist of Honesty

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Chapter 59 Total

At the Sanctuary Aspros Sisyphus and converse about the possible revival of the Giants and the fact that Rasgado has been sent on a mission to stop it. Aspros doubts Knight two years ago when he could not even save Ilias and Regulus in America. But Sisyphus has confidence in the Knight of Taurus, and is sure that will complete its task.

Rasgado compares with the giant Cor Tauri, twice the size of him, under the shouts of children who hail the giant. Rasgado is frustrated, not only by the taunts of the children, but the fact that Cor Tauri not want to hear it. The Knight is not, in fact, there to deal with it but to ask for his help. Annoyed, he tries to stop the opponent with his Titan Break, which seems to invest the giant. Among children, a small Selinsa pounced against blaming the defeat of their patron, but Cor Tauri is not defeated and replies with his Ichor Nova, knocking the ground on the two.

Rasgado finds himself in the famous labyrinth of the Minotaur in the company of a contrary Selinsa. The child, in fact, believes that Rasgado is bad having engaged battle with his master, who in the past has saved you from this labyrinth where her parents had abandoned her. But all Rasgado has other intentions, and its mission is, in fact, reinforce the seal of Typhon, and to do that, he needs the help of Cor Tauri. As the little girl says, Cor Tauri is actually an automaton created by Daedalus to protect the ancient island of Crete, and to give his life was the Ichor of Zeus enclosed in his heart, and it is just this' Ichor that Rasgado need to strengthen the seal on Typhon. Suddenly, Cor Tauri burst onto the scene in search of Selinsa, the automaton looks shabby and prey to sudden flare-ups. Selinsa Rasgado explains that the automaton is old and no longer able to manage his own power, this avoids fights. Rasgado has now understood the feelings of the automaton, and more determined than ever to convince him to his cause, he takes a fist full of the Giant!

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