Chapter 1
The Star Giant Two Men


Chapter 58 total

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We see images of a volcano and a knight facing a giant: it is a dream. To do so is Teneo, which became the new Gold Saint of Taurus! Six years have passed since the end of the Sacred War and Teneo, having attained the strength to get the armor, is engaged in the reconstruction of the shrine, feeling that he was unfit for the armor of his master. Even the inhabitants of Rodorio help in reconstruction and, at that moment, we see a cart hosted by our other old acquaintances. At the wheel of the wagon, in fact, we see a grown Selinsa, who now takes care of orphans in the country, and at his side Agasha, the daughter of a florist, leading herbal medicines for the sanctuary. The girls are surprised by a landslide, but a knight comes to their rescue by protecting them with his Great Horn! Selinsa is happy and surprised to see Teneo wearing the armor of their old master, but the greetings are sent, because the area is still unsafe, and they must leave.

Later, Shion, the new High Priest, convenes Teneo to entrust a mission. It has, in fact, received a letter from the Pope informing him that the seal on Etna, which imprisons Typhon and his Giants, is weakening. Shion therefore decides to send Teneo on the spot. The boy, though scared of facing an opponent so powerful, agrees. The next day, before leaving, he visits the grave of Rasgado, finding Selinsa that has been able to Shion of his mission. The girl begins to tell him that fourteen years before, Rasgado also faced the same mission, and she knows it because he knew exactly at that moment. At the time, Selinsa dwelt on the island of Crete, protected by Cor Tauri, which Rasgado faced before visiting Sicily.

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